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Catastrophic Hurricane In Puerto Rico Affects Some Players In MLB


Bronx, NY – Since Monday many Puerto Ricans on the island have been preparing for a second hurricane, this one named Maria. Puerto Rico was hit hard by the previous hurricane, Irma that swiped the Northeast of the island and crippled much of the metropolitan area and the island’s infrastructure.

No sooner is the island trying to restore electricity and clear all the roads from falling trees than they had to begin to prepare for hurricane Carmen that unlike Irma, would make landfall on the island on early Wednesday morning.

As predicted, Maria made landfall yesterday early morning on the Southeast part of the island and left through the northwest in the late evening, literally cutting right through the island.

Unlike Hurricane Irma, Maria has caused catastrophic damage throughout the entire island. This time, the entire island is without electricity and 90% without water. The true devastation will not be known until later today when some helicopters and other government vehicles will be able to make accurate visual inspections.

Imagine being a Puerto Rican baseball player with property and family members living on the island and not being able to communicate with anyone? That is the case with four players from the Minnesota Twins that all live and have families on the island.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to three of the four player: José Berrios, Eddie Rosario, and Kennys Vargas. Hector Santiago is on the disabled list and was not traveling with the team.

Each of the players I spoke to had Puerto Rico on their minds. Kennys Vargas was watching some videos of some San Juan streets that looked like raging rivers. He confessed that it was difficult not to think about the island while your also trying to play baseball.

Eddie Rosario, a native of the town of Guayama (the same town that I was born in) was visibly concerned. We both spoke about the fact that early reports had stated that the town had taken a brutal hit. He, like I and all the players had no way of reaching out to our loved ones, or friends on the island as all communications were down.

José Berrios who was the starting pitcher on Tuesday’s game also stated how difficult it was not to be able to know for sure what was the status of his hometown and the island. They all understood that the timing could not be worse as the Twins are playing for a possible Wildcard.

Twins manager, Paul Molitor was very much aware of the situation and stated such in his post game press conference. I asked him about the situation with four of his players from Puerto Rico and the incredible destruction on their homeland and their ability to concentrate?

He answered as he was looking at the TV screen that was coincidently airing a CNN report from Puerto Rico. He acknowledged how difficult it must be for his Puerto Rican players at this particular time to focus on playing their hearts out while also thinking about family members on the island, but believed that once they communicate with their family they will be fine.

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