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Catching the NY Jets Home Loss [Photos]



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New York, NY – Sunday’s New York Jets (2-1) 24-17 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) was a painful reminder on how the J-E-T-S continue to find ways to lose any momentum they have. Only the Jets can make a 2-1 record feel like a 2-14 record.

After beginning their season with back-to-back convincing wins, the entire team had a horrific first half performance where they allowed the Eagles to soar to a 24-0 lead. In the second half, the Jets defense valiantly kept their team in the game.

However, every opportunity the defense created was wasted by QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s and the entire offense. In layman terms, Sunday’s Jets performance stunk. When it’s said and done, there’s nothing much to analysis from a horrendous performance.

The season is still young and their upcoming game in London, England against the Miami Dolphins (1-2) will be an indicator of well the Jets rebound from a loss.

Win, loss or draw, attending a Jets game at MetLife Stadium is a must for anyone who supports Gang Green. If you’re coming in from New York, the NJ Transit is an affordable and fun ride to the stadium. If it’s your first time taking the NJ Transit, just follow the sea of Green & White fanatics also heading to the game. You’ll be fine and arrive on time.

As fun as the tailgate and game experience is, my favorite moment of the game was after the game. Something about seeing MetLife transform from a boisterous packed stadium to a quiet and calm place is a beautiful moment to witness. With that said, here’s a couple of photos I took after the game. 

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