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A Championship Celebration For A Meaningless Win


Puerto Rico appealed to pride last night and won for the first time in this 2015 Caribbean Series in a dramatic way in a game that was mere formality.

A double by outfielder Danny Ortiz scored, Ozzie Martinez, the winning run leaving the Dominican Republic team on the field with a 3-2 ninth inning victory on the final day of the first stage of the Caribbean classic before a crowd of 18,747 fans at Hiram Bithorn Stadium .

Though Santurce was eliminated yesterday from the next round of this tournament, the Puerto Rican fans an team celebrated the first big team win in four games as if the team was heading to the finals. Puerto Rico avoided a losing sweep in this tournament and not giving their fans at least one game, one big moment to celebrate a win. The fact that this game had no meaning for Puerto Rico was not relevent as what was seen in the stands as the fans and team celebrated this win.

The fact that this win was against the Dominican Republic added to the celebration as it fueled the rivalry between these two sister islands that Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have had for years.
“I am proud to be here with Puerto Rico. I never thought I would be here in this game, but I got the opportunity and took it. It’s a big win for us,” Ortiz said in the press conference.

The semifinal between Venezuela and Cuba and Mexico and the Dominican will continue today.

Who do you think will be the two teams to move on?

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