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Chilling With Gio


Flushing, NY – The Washington Nationals are in town and so is the 2017 National League LatinoMVP Pitcher of the year, Gio González. As a Washington Nationals starter, Gio has his work cut out for him this season.

He is sporting a record of 6-6 with a 3.72 ERA. However, one thing that is as solid as ever is his respect for the game and everything beyond the foul lines.

I say this from experience seeing so many players in the 29 years that I have been covering baseball. I have seen many young players go from smiling, talk to everyone; sign for everyone to self focused individuals that almost seem lost in their own void of being in the big leagues.

Of course not all a players are like that. There is a sliding scale from Zero being the worst (like ARod in his height) to Ten (Pujols, Mariano Rivera & too many others to mention) and many others in the middle.

Gio is another Ten and my encounters with him continue to validate his scale rating.

Yesterday I caught up with him again to go over the date of his LatinoMVP Award ceremony. Gio was with another Latino Sports writer, Rich Mancuso at the inner steps of the visiting team dugout. Mancuso has been following Gio for years and they have a tight bond. When Gio saw me he greeted me like one of my homeboys. A high-five, holding hands to the tapping of our shoulders. That’s how we do it in the hood with only our tightest friends.

Gio showing off letter with the news that he was selected the 2017 N.L. LatinoMVP when he visited NY to play the Yankees (Photo

Gio knows about that growing up in Hialeah, Florida in a modest home with sometimes les than moderate resources where his father taught him the value of surviving by being practical. Today Gio stands on those values to help him go through the ups and downs of baseball and he is sure to pass on those practices to his two young boys. Gio “chilled” with Rick and myself and our conversation was typical, we spoke about everything. That’s “chilling”.

We look forward to writing more about Gio and his upcoming award that he won for this 2017 season where he ended the season with a 15-9 2.96 ERA, making him one of the top Latino pitchers in the majors and thus being voted the National LatinoMVP.

Players like Gio are a tribute to the game and for us he is a LatinoMVP. We look forward to his upcoming award ceremony something that we will be writing more about in the coming weeks.

About Julio Pabón

Julio is President and Founder of Latino Sports LLC., the parent company of Julio is a product of the South Bronx where he still lives and runs his businesses. Julio has written and has been interviewed for numerous publication and networks on sports & political issues. He has been an activist promoting social justice and respect for all communities. He is a recognized motivational speaker, was an adjunct professor of American History and presently volunteer's as a lecturer in local South Bronx High Schools. His primary goal is to make a multi-facet sports portal that will engender social and economic empowerment to the Latino community.

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