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Conor McGregor: Doubt Me Now



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Credit: Represent

Credit: Represent

New York, NY – On Friday, the fine folks over at Represent informed of popular UFC’s champion Conor McGregor’s limited edition t-shirt. Considering that I’m Diaz and he’s McGregor, I initially thought this was a joke. Interesting enough, McGregor and I have an indirect history. Following UFC 205, I wrote…

Love him or hate him, Conor is clearly the best and charismatic fighter in MMA today. Time after time, McGregor delievers when it matters. In the first-ever UFC card in New York City, McGregor knocked it out of the park as he dethroned then-lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez with a convincing second-round TKO.

Following the fight, there was the post-fight press conference. If there was an MVP for post-fight press conferences, then it would have to go to the Madison Square Garden dining staff. Their assortment of cookies, brownies and coffee made it worthwhile to hang around for a press conference past 2am. By the way, coffee is my choice of drink.

If it wasn’t for the coffee station, I would have never met Conor McGregor’s parents and his family. Before McGregor addressed the rest of the media, his mother and I had a short and insightful conversation. Based on his family’s body language, you can tell how proud they were of him.

When McGregor announced that he was going to be a father, it was nice to see his mother hug his girlfriend as a sign of support. So what did I learn about Conor McGregor?

Like many of us, McGregor has a mother who loves him. In addition, he only wants to be compensated for the money his name and fighting prowess generate for the company he works for. While I don’t agree with his antics, he’s an entertainer who appreciates his fans.

The only way he can keep them happy is to fight and win. As far as his relationship with the media, I was convinced that he appreciated how they keep his name active in both paper and digital. The last few thing I learned about McGregor is that he loves his family.

With that being said, McGregor will not only fight anyone, he’ll also promote the fight with his antics. Love him or hate him, the Conor McGregor I saw through his family is just as human as the rest of us. Another lesson from hanging out at the coffee station…

With that said, here’s Represent’s Press Release…

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