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A Conversation with a Steve Nash Foundation Showdown Volunteer



Respect the Volunteer!

New York, NY – On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, with the first days of Summer upon us, many soccer fans throughout the city were treated to to the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown which took place at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

This year’s roster included Salomon Kalou, Maurice Edu, Stuart Holden, and Robbie Rogers, who joined forces to support the Steve Nash Foundation’s work to benefit under-served children. One hundred percent of proceeds from the auction and ticket sales will benefit the Foundation’s work to increase access to high-quality early learning services to children through Educare.

Steve’s team won 7-6 and the game was highlighted by Kalou’s fancy foot works, a number of Steve’s great assists and the performance of ESPN sport commentator Marc Stein. Steve and his fellow players were joined by a crowd of fans and supporters for the Showdown After Hours party at the popular pub in the East Village Penny Farthing were they enjoyed foosball and bidding on the auctioned items to benefit the foundation.

Sponsored by GNC, adidas, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Phebe’s Tavern, Naked Pizza, Find Me Gluten Free, Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema, Major League Soccer, KICKTV, Uber and Crunch Gyms, it was great to see how these companies were willing to support Nash’s foundation.

In the past, I’ve had the privilege of talking with Nash about his foundation. This year, I decided to do something different. I decided not to have an agenda nor a set of questions nor a plan of who I was going to interview.

Earlier in the day, I had volunteered for a Community Service festival in my neighborhood. As a result of setting up, working various stations and breaking down, I didn’t have time to change in my professional clothes.

Even though there isn’t a dress code policy, I had contacted the organizers about my situation and they were more than okay if I covered the event in a t-shirt and khakis. For those who know me and have seen me in events, they know I usually wear my standard professional attire. It’s what my mentors taught me and it’s something I try to be consistent about.

Since my mind was still stuck in volunteer mode, I decided to talk with one of the Showdown’s volunteer during halftime. I’m going to address this volunteer as Peter Bruce because Spider-man and Batman is coming out later this summer.

Currently Peter Bruce just completed his first year of college. Thanks to his friend’s uncle, he was able to volunteer for the first time at this year’s Showdown. During our conversation, Peter Bruce pointed out that he was at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park since 8AM.

His responsibilities consisted of setting up chairs, hanging banners and cleaning the pitch. Peter Bruce also informed me that following the showdown, he was going to be part of the cleaning crew. He admitted that while he did see an abundance of players, he didn’t make an effort to meet them or ask for their autographs.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Peter Bruce admitted that he had a fantastic time and he looks forward to returning next year. Knowing his connections, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him next year.

While an event like the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown is important to have, we should always take a moment to be appreciative for those who volunteer their time. So the next time you attend a charity event, please be sure to thank a volunteer. Or if you’re too proud to thank s/he, then have some class and be respectfully and pick up after yourself.

You’re Welcome!


Total Success! (Image Source: Steve Nash Foundation)

About the Steve Nash Foundation

The Steve Nash Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) and registered Canadian charity dedicated to assisting underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life. The Foundation works to increase access to critical needs resources at home and abroad to ensure that every child has a chance to grow.

The Showdown benefits Educare Arizona, providing thoughtful, high-quality early learning and healthcare resources to Head Start-eligible students from birth to age five years, and leveraging successful private-public collaborations to foster state and national policy advancements in early childhood, teacher training, and neighborhood healthcare. more at www.stevenash.org.


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