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Copa America Final: #BienvenidoALoMejor [Photos]



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“It’s take a good friend to stay with you in hard times. It takes a good friend to stay with you in good times. Everybody needs support… everybody does.” – Louis C.K. on WTF with Marc Maron

New York, NY – Twenty-three months ago, I was down on my luck. The life I lived had come to an end. My relationship with her was over and my writing career was on life support. I knew I had to regroup and move forward. Truth be told, I had no idea where to begin.

Emotionally, I was devastated and disappointed in myself. With that said, this article is dedicated to my friend, Jerry Chuaypradit. A few weeks after my world had come to an end, he sends me a message asking if we could hang out on a Saturday.

We did and at the time, Jerry had no idea of what had happened.

Nor did he have any idea that hanging out with him that day gave me the optimism I needed to commence my healing process. It wasn’t until last Sunday, that I revealed to Jerry how that pivotal that day was for me.

Thanks to my partnership with Verizon, I invited Jerry to join me at MetLife Stadium for the Copa América Centenario Final between Chile and Argentina. For those of who are curious, we watched the game from the Verizon Suite.

And yes, Chile defeated Argentina 4-2 in penalities.

Last Sunday was rewarding on so many levels. Meeting for the first time since that Saturday, we talked about the past twenty-three months of our lives. In addition to thanking for being a good friend, I explained to him that things like commenting on my Facebook status, retweeting my tweet and wishing me a “Happy Birthday” made a difference.

Honestly speaking, when my relationship of eight years ended, it took me nine months to embrace the life I hadn’t expected nor planned for. While my journey was a humbling, lonely and painful one, Jerry was one of the few people who gave me the strength to move forward.

Fast forward to twenty-three months later and I’m definitely in a better place. While the pain of my relationship ending still lingers, it’s not as bad as it was before. Even though, I wasn’t able to save my relationship, I’ve been able to turn my writing career around.

For Jerry to witness my conversation with Verizon’s Director of Multicultural Marketing, Javier Andrade-Marin, brought a smile to my face because he’s witnessed my turnaround.

And with things looking up, all I can say is… #BienvenidoALoMejor.

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