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Corner Kicks & Crosses: Red Bull Arena




New York: The baseball universe has been restored as the New York Yankees won their 27th Championship and the Mets can only look with envy. The NY Giants have lost 5 out of their past 6 games prior to this last Sunday where they pulled off a needed win over the Dallas Cowboys. The NY Jets are currently 6-6 with rookie Quarterback Mark Sanchez leading the way. While the NY Rangers & Islanders are off to a decent start, the NY Knicks are off to a horrendous one. What is up with NY basketball? I miss the days when the Knicks and Liberty were winning. Speaking of winning, does anyone care for the 4-time Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills? So many professional teams to choose from but my favorite New York team is the Red Bulls.



Yes, the 5-19-6 Red Bulls team who for the season scored 27 goals but allowed 47 goals. The same Red Bulls team who didn’t have a win in 13 straight games and was unable to win an away game. I’m not going to lie… following the Red Bulls this season was frustrating and painful at times. Despite their 102W-76-L-36D home record at Giants Stadium, I’m glad the Red Bulls are leaving Giants Stadium. Personally, I’ve always believed that the only professional soccer team that should have ever played at Giants Stadium was the NY Cosmos. I loved the Cosmos, their History and they’re the reason why I love and believe in American Soccer. But for any other soccer club playing at Giants Stadium was just too much of a shadow to overcome. With that said, I look forward to watching the Red Bulls play in their $200 million new home for the 2010 season.

Located in Harrison, NJ, Red Bull Arena is accessible to get to via PATH (just stop at the Harrison Station). After the Red Bull GmbH bought out AEG’s $100 million share of the stadium and had its design updated by Rosesetti Architects of Los Angeles, CA, Red Bull Arena will be completed in time for its first game against the Chicago Fire on March 27, 2010. A few weeks ago, I was given a tour of this Soccer-Specific Stadium (SSS) which will seat over 25,000 fans. I immediately fell in love with the place. In a way, I’m living every sports fans dream of viewing their favorite team’s new home before it’s even open to the Public. The pitch is beautiful and I love the fact that Red Bull Arena is small and comfortable. Its design will help amplify the fan noise level off the charts, something that will affect the opposing teams concentration.


Walking through every seating section of the Arena, I believe every fan will have a good view of the action. Fans will appreciate that there’s a roof over us in case of rain or snow. The only ones who will have to endure the weather will the players. Although it’s still not completed I can’t help but feel a sense of optimism for the team and Major League Soccer. In any sport, there’s always the argument on who has the best stadium and with the Red Bulls… it’s no contest. I’m going out on a limb to say that Red Bull Arena is the best SSS in the United States. And unlike Giants Stadium, Red Bull Arena is definitely going to provide a soccer-orientated environment for current and new fans for many years to come.

As stated in their website, Red Bull Arena:

·       Close to the action: Seating has been moved closer to the pitch—21 feet from touchline to first row of seats.

·       Stadium Roof: A state-of-the-art translucent polycarbonate and aluminum roof structure

·       All Seats Covered: All seating is covered from inclement weather.

·       Red Bull Arena was re-designed to be more in line with soccer facilities worldwide.

·       2010 Red Bulls Full Season Ticket Plan includes 15 Home Games, 2 Potential Playoff Games and a Season Ticket Holder Event.

·       Source:

As a fan and Season-Ticket holder, I appreciate the Red Bull organization for purchasing the team when it was known as the Metrostars in 2006. I also appreciate that they’re serious about creating a winning soccer culture in NY and NJ as evidenced in their $200 million investment for Red Bull Arena. In addition, I thank the Red Bulls staff for their professionalism and kindness in giving me a tour of the facility. When it’s all said and done, I believe the Red Bulls are working towards the futu

Along with Red Bull Arena, I expect that both the team and the desire to win will be strengthened. As many have said in the past… in order for Major League Soccer to prosper, the New York team has to be winning. Despite their horrific record this season, the Red Bulls did show some promise for the 2010 season. At home, the Red Bulls finished 5W-6L-4D. In addition, at home they scored 24 goals (remember all season they scored 27) and held opponents to only 20 goals. With 8 games remaining, Richie Williams replaced Juan Carlos Osorio as Head Coach where he finished 3W-3L-2D. In their final home game ever at Giants Stadium, they trounced Toronto FC 5-0. Dating back to their days as the Metrostars, the Red Bulls have always been a good home team and that should carry on as they play in their new home. With the other NY teams struggling, the Red Bulls have an opportunity to create a buzz. With World Cup Season storming the nation… the 2010 MLS season is not to be missed!


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