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Cosmos Copa weathered a Downpour and left us with Memories


Amazing weather during Saturday’s Cosmos Copa. (Image Source: Cesar Diaz)

Bronx, NY – While Major League Baseball’s richest franchise the New York Yankees endured a rain delay against their Boston Red Sox rivals in the poorest community in the United States, NYC Haiti successfully dethroned two-time defending champions NYC Poland during Saturday’s 2-1 Cosmos Copa Championship match.

While the match itself was exciting, it was a pleasure talking with the staff and student-athletes from the nonprofit South Bronx United. This a fantastic organization where I have seen first-hand the impact they’ve made to the children they’re serving.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know some of their students and family so to see some of them on Saturday was an excellent time to catch up. I asked them about their education and they picked my brain about writing. Good Stuff.

It was also a blast talking grassroots soccer with Cosmos Legend Shep Messing. I’ll be the first to admit that I geeked out when he told he enjoys reading my articles. Now that’s what I consider a world class strike. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Also present who I wish I had seen was Chris Noble, co-founder of Copa NYC/Cosmos Copa. If it wasn’t for him and Spencer Dormitzer, none of us would have been at the Macombs Dam Park on Saturday. So gentlemen, I’ve said in person, I’ve said it over a few beers and I’ll say it again… Thank you.

Joining me on Saturday was one of the most, it not underrated writer in NYC. He’s my fellow partner in crime, Chris Dobens of He wrote an excellent recap which I recommend you read. Here’s the link and while you’re at it, please follow Dobens on Twitter at @TotalFootblog. He’s one of the most underrated soccer writers in NYC so please show him some love.

Before continuing, I wanted to take moment to commend Cosmos Copa organizers Sofia Sanchez and Christopher Thomas for their efforts and dedication in making the 2012 Cosmos Copa a success. A few months ago I wrote and I quote, “Not having both men involved with the Cosmos Copa is similar to replacing the Beatles with the Monkees. Interpret it as you want… I like both bands.”

Do I regret writing that statement? Why would I? I wrote, the only thing I ever regret is what I don’t write. Besides, I like both the Beatles and Monkees. It’s better to have your articles read than ignored.

Being the proud Whovian that I am, I learned a long time ago that change is inevitable. With change comes a different interpretation and set of tactics. Good or bad, it’s an experience. Here’s another statement to remember:

“Sofia and Christopher, I just want to say that you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic! And do you know what? So was everyone involved! From the competing National Teams to the Cosmopolitan Soccer LeagueFOSA USAKind SnacksMade DrinksPowerade, and Quality Physio… you were all fantastic.”

One thing I hope that Saturday’s downpour of rain symbolizes is that things in Cosmos Country are turning around for the better. Whether you work for the Cosmos, support the organization as a supporter or Borough Boys member or have patiently waited for some news to write about, we’ve endured.

Even though there’s questions that remain to be answered about the Cosmos returning to the NASL in 2012, let’s enjoy the magic of the Cosmos Copa. Let’s appreciate every element that makes this tournament special. With the outcomes now decided, I’m looking forward to Cosmos Copa 2013.

Will NYC Haiti successfully defend their championship? Will NYC Poland reclaim their championship? Will a North or South American National Team hoist the Cosmos Cup? Where will the Championship match be played? Questions already asked but only time will answer them.

With nothing else to really write about, I’m going to end my article with one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes, “One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.” 

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