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Cotto Chapter Now Is Top Rank And Maybe Mayweather




New York –Miguel Cotto sought redemption. It came with a dominating win over Antonio Margarito at Madison Square Garden in their second fight late Saturday night. But as the clock ticked into Sunday morning, hours after Cotto prevailed for the second time as WBA Junior Middleweight champion, the rumors were stronger that he would be seeking justice with promoter Bob Arum,

A source close to Top Rank said, “This could be the last fight with Cotto for us.” The talk at ringside and, in the Garden press room was more about Cotto leaving Arum for his next fight. That fight would be against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the May 5, 2012 date that has been reported.

The day, and date that Mayweather has claimed, is assumed to be the time of his next fight, with reference to oppose the “Little Fella” and the anticipated meeting with Manny Pacquiao. However, there is more credibility to comprehend that the opponent could be Cotto.


Because this was the last fight for Cotto in his contract with Arum, and with his dissatisfaction, as to how Arum sided with Margarito in the tainted hand wrap controversy, Cotto has other plans. There is increasing speculation, more than rumors, that Cotto and Mayweather will co-promote their fight if it happens.

Cotto and Mayweather have their own promotional companies and staging a fight between the two would not be difficult. Adding fuel to the fire, Mayweather will always be an Arum adversary, and Cotto, as coming from all accounts, has become an adversary as well. In addition, Arum has claimed that his champion, Pacquiao, will not fight Mayweather on that day in May.

And, from what is being heard, Arum is now looking at other options for Pacquiao. What the fight plan is for the Congressman and champion of the Philippines, are uncertain. But the plan is not for Mayweather then or anytime soon. The war of words has also surmounted with Arum and Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy, and negotiator for Mayweather.

While this can’t be confirmed, and not to spoil the redemption Cotto had against Margarito, it was heard from a ringside observer that Cotto said in the Garden ring to Margarito, “Goodbye to you and Arum.”  And with that comment, it can be assumed that Cotto, who made millions with Arum, will leave the company and go on his own.

However, this is boxing and talk many times becomes a rumor.  Top Rank will provide answers and at times can be vague as to getting the truth. When Arum comments, everything is in place and nothing should be made of the talk. His interests, obvious, are with Pacquiao. Cotto, in the meantime has been the subject of taking on Delvin Rodriguez as a next opponent.

Rodriquez defeated Pawel Wolak with a unanimous decision on the Garden undercard and his promoter, Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing was stating his case for a Cotto bout. Rodriquez would gain from the opportunity to oppose Cotto, but the money fight is obvious.


Cotto and Mayweather would be an intriguing fight. Though it would not generate significant revenue that would come from a Maywether-Pacquiao encounter, the fight fans would rather see, it would cause a stir and enough of a buzz that continues about the Arum-Mayweather hatred, and this talk of Cotto leaving Arum.

Marketing Cotto has never been an issue. Saturday night, with Margarito, was the second largest crowd in Madison Square Garden Boxing history. His popularity with Puerto Rico boxing fans may be at an all-time high since losing to Manny Pacquiao two years ago by TKO, and since that loss he has won his last three fights.

And the stigma and hurt of losing the title to Margarito in 2008, for Cotto, came to a conclusion. The images of his battered face, so evident now from the tainted hand wraps that implicated Margarito, went the other way. His punches closed the damaged right eye of Margarito that required surgery after a loss to Pacquiao last November.

It was vintage Cotto using the foot work and jabs to perfection, under new trainer Pedro Diaz. And an attack to the right eye of Margarito went as planned. It was not the fight or war that was expected, but Cotto got his vengeance and is moving on.

Cotto fans wanted to see a knockout over Margarito, their vengeance as well, and not a stoppage because of an injured eye. They waited almost three years for the fight to happen and it did not go the distance when Maragrito had to stop three seconds into the tenth round.

“I am very happy to finally get it over with,” said Cotto after the fight, in what may have been his most important one because of that hatred with Margarito. “I did my work. I won the fight. Thanks to the crowd here. I love you,” he said to the fans.

The question is, does Cotto still love Arum and was this his last ride with him?  Mayweather went on his own, so did Oscar De La Hoya after making millions with Top Rank and Arum. Who is to doubt that Cotto will do the same after ridding Antonio Margarito, another Arum fighter from his life.

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