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Cuba Wins All Five Bouts In World Series Of Boxing


La Habana, Cuba – Yesterday I decided to attend a World Series of Boxing match between Cuba and Morocco at the Ciudad Deportiva Arena in Havana as a boxing fan and not as a sports reporter.

I requested no credentials and just went with some friends to the arena to go as a regular Cuban fan would. I did this because I still hear folks back in the States that have the most distorted understanding of Cuba and Cuban life. Some folks back home actually believe that you cannot walk, or go anywhere you want to in Cuba. Some actually think that there are no private businesses and that the state is watching and controls everything.

When I arrived at the Arena there was a line of folks waiting to buy tickets to enter. My Cuban friend paid for the others and myself. The price to enter was 3 Cuban pesos. That is the equivalent to 10¢ in U.S. dollars.

After purchasing the tickets we walked to the main entrance. As we walked there were numerous individual merchants selling popcorn, plantain chips and several other eatables that I did not recognize.

We entered the Arena and the main section was quite full, but the arena is huge and there were plenty of good seats for us to sit and watch the fights. There were a few folks at the top level and I wondered if they too paid 3 pesos, or if they paid less?

I wanted to feel like a real boxing fan and treat my friend to a beer. I learned that no beer is sold in any Cuban stadium, or Arena for any sporting Arena. Thus, I was glad that the fights were over early as the Cuban fighters rocked and won all five bouts.

Cuba has some very good young boxers coming up the ranks. (Photo Latino Sports)

Cuba has some very good young boxers coming up the ranks. (Photo Latino Sports)

The bouts were 5 rounds and only the first three went the distance. Yohanys Arglagos won the first bout in the 49Kg; Robeisy Ramirez won the 56 Kg and Yasnier Toledo in the 64Kg class.

The next two fights were won by a knockout. In the 75 Kg Aden López was putting a beating on Eddna Haddoui and the towel was thrown into the ring in the third round.

The following match was incredible. Erislandy Savón entered the ring by leaping over the ropes and that should have been a sign for his opponent, Armine Azzsuzi. The fight lasted less than five seconds as Savón knocked out Azzsuzi with a 3-punch combination. Azzsuzi was floored and could not get up. A stretcher was brought out, but to everyone’s relief Azzsuzi was able to stand with assistance.

That was my experience in this very quick Cuban Vs. Morocco boxing contest. I look forward to seeing these Cuban boxers again in some future international contest, especially, Mr. Savón.

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