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Two Cuban Parents With 3 Baseball Stars = WOW!


Ever since December 17th when President Barak Obama and President Raul Castro of Cuba made their joint declarations signaling the warming of relations between the two countries, baseball executives from Major League Baseball, scouts and major league teams have been scrambling to find how they can benefit from this new relationship.

There is so much speculation about what will happen with regards to Cuban baseball players and Major League Baseball. Though there is still nothing concrete with regards to the issue of baseball we can almost guarantee that baseball will be a topic of the conversations that are to begin this month when high-level U.S. State Department officials are scheduled to arrive on January 21st, 2015.

I recently spoke to Olga and Lourdes Gourriel the parents of three baseball stars, Yunieski, Yulieski and Lourdes Gourriel Jr.

All three Gourriel’s played for the Industriales baseball team. The oldest Yunieski also played for Canada, and Yulieski, the middle child has been on the radar of many scouts ever since the 2006 World Baseball Classic where they projected him to easily be a #1 draft choice if he would be eligible for the draft. The youngest, Lourdes is 18 years old has been playing in the Cuban professional league for 2 years and is already being scouted.

Olga and Lourdes Sr. told me that their phone has been ringing off the hook ever since Obama’s announcement of restoring diplomatic relations with their country asking about Yulieski.

Lourdes Gourriel, retired Cuban baseball star player and father of 3 hot young players with Latino Sports President, Julio Pabón. (Photo Latino Sports)

Lourdes Gourriel, retired Cuban baseball star player and father of 3 hot young players with Latino Sports President, Julio Pabón. (Photo Latino Sports)

They expressed that they would love to see their son, Yulieski play in the Major Leagues, but stated that is something that remains to be seen, as the new political situation between both countries is still not clear. They are also proud that their sons never left, or abandoned their country in pursuit of the millions that they could of possibly made.

In 2014 Yulieski signed a one-year contract to play with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of the Pacific Coast League in Japan.

Both, Olga and Lourdes have sacrificed for their family and are grateful of their sons who are humble, studious and respectful. They, like all Cuban players have a solid education and university training for careers outside of baseball. Their home is decorated with many baseball trophies and other memorabilia from the number of international games that the family has participated in.

The sons come from a strong baseball influence, as Lourdes Sr. was a star player himself and will most probably be inducted to the next Cuban Hall of Fame voting in December 2015.

If MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation work out any future deal to allow Cuban baseball players to play in the mayor’s I am sure that we will be hearing of the name Gourriel being one of the first player to cross that threshold.



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