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Cuban Sports Beyond Cuba

on will once again begin to report more on Cuban sports and expand our coverage as of 2015.

Cuba, the greater of the Antilles has always been a contributor of sports for many of the island nations of the Caribbean. It was from Cuba that baseball was first introduced by U.S. troops and workers on the island and it was from the island of Cuba that baseball was then introduced to many of the other islands in the Caribbean. Thus Cuba has always been part of the Caribbean sports culture.

Unfortunately, due to politics Cuba has been isolated from the world of sports, not only in the Caribbean, but through most of the U.S. where we know little of Cuban sports except when we read about a Cuban baseball defector who had just signed for millions to play in the major leagues.

Sports is a major form of entertainment and pride on the island of Cuba and because of its system of developing youth, Cuba produces great athletes from the likes of Teofilio Stevenson who thrilled so many boxing fans throughout the world, to Alberto Juantorena the first and so far only athlete to win both the 400 and 800 m Olympic titles in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Who can forget The Cuban women’s volleyball team who were the first team to break the USSR’s and Japan’s domination in the world women’s volleyball by winning the 1978 World Women’s Volleyball Championship.

Cuba women’s national volleyball team dominated the world in the last decade of the 20th century (1991–2000), winning eight times as FIVB World Champions.

In 2014 Cuba returned after a four decade absence to the Caribbean Baseball Series where they played for the first time since 1960 among the powerhouses of the Caribbean. Thus, we believe that many sports fans and many of our readers look forward to us reporting a bit more on Cuban sports.

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