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Dame Products: The Origin Behind It [Interview]



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Credit: Dame Products

Credit: Dame Products

New York, NY – If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a sportswriter, don’t do what I do. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not your prototypical sports scribbler.

I talk funny. I walk funny. For someone filled with nervous energy and a brain that operates too fast, I will occassionally sound like Superman’s doppelgänger Bizarro.

Me talk perfect…

After spending less than 123 seconds reviewing pregame notes, I’m more interested in reading classic books such as Josep Pla’s, The Gray Notebook and Life Embitters.

During the game, I’m keeping count on the number of foul balls that’s caught in the stands than the actual pitch count. Don’t worry it gets better… When I’m chatting with any athlete before and after a game, we’ll talk about anything and everything except the result. Nevertheless, I’m in excellent shape and living the life of a writer is what I do best.

Aside from the things I find interesting, being a writer is something I value. As easy as it would be to focus on the surface of things, I prefer to dig deeper. Thanks to the adventures that comes with my calling, I live a life where I have the privilege of meeting so many unique individuals. Meeting people, something that’ll never become obsolete…

A few weeks, I covered the Third Annual SEX Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

So what did I learn? Talking about Sex isn’t hard at all. Socially, Politically, Economically, Artistically, Spiritually, Technologically, Athletically and beyond… there’s so many avenues one can explore the topic of Sex. One person I enjoyed chatting with was Janet Lieberman. She is the Co-Founder and CTO of Dame Products.

From my conversation with Janet, I found the origin behind her company is a quintessential New York story. If you’re interested in learning about the company Janet co-founded and the journey behind it, enjoy the interview.

If not, the New York Yankees defeated the Cleveland Indians by a final score of 5-2 in Game 5 of the ALDS. Powered by Pinstripe shortstop Didi Gregorious multi-homer evening, New York advances to the American League Champioship Series (ALCS) where they will face the Houston Astros in a best-of-seven series. Game One takes place on Friday…

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