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Dame Products: The Origin Behind It [Interview]



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What’s the origin behind Dame Products? Why the name?

We chose “Dame” for the name of our company because it embodies a bold kind of femininity.  Too often, when people are making products for women, they go for something trite and easy – soft sounds, pinks and purples, flowers and butterflies.

We like to think of our brand as womanly rather than girly. Dame can have old-timey low brow connotations (like “look at the gams on that dame”) or it can be a title you have to earn (like Dame Helen Mirren).  Dame can mean a lot of things, but it’s undeniably feminine and never meek.

Tell us a little bit about the founders of your company? How did they meet?

I’m an MIT-educated mechanical engineer with more than a decade’s experience making products. My co-founder, Alexandra Fine, is a Columbia-educated psychologist. We through mistaken identity – we were both trying to start sex toy companies in Brooklyn at the same time, so people kept confusing me for Alex, so I decided to try to meet her.

What was the process in creating your company and products?

About fifty women were involved with developing Eva before we ran our Indiegogo campaign. For Fin, that number is in the hundreds. We research and teardown competitors’ products, and we talk to store owners to see what feedback they’ve been getting.

We use 3D printers to allow us to try out a lot of different things quickly. We keep consumer feedback front and center throughout the whole design process – we want to design products that seamlessly integrate into peoples’ sex lives.

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