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Dan Schlossberg’s Baseball Blog: Great Season Ends


Featured Image Credit: Bill Menzel

No matters what happens in Game 6 tonight, 2013 has been a great season.

The teams with the best records reached the World Series for the first time since 1999. Mariano Rivera retired and took one step closer to Cooperstown. Andy Pettitte followed.

The Baltimore Orioles had players reach 50 homers (Chris Davis) and 50 saves (Jim Johnson) not to mention three Gold Glovers.

CHRIS DAVIS topped 50 homers, best in the majors. Image Credit: Bill Menzel

CHRIS DAVIS topped 50 homers, best in the majors.
Image Credit: Bill Menzel

The Detroit Tigers failed to defend their American League pennant but probably cornered the market on the top league awards of Most Valuable Player (Miguel Cabrera) and Cy Young (Max Scherzer).

Fueled by Andrew McCutchen, the likely National League MVP, Pittsburgh reached postseason play for the first time since 1992 and almost made it to the National League Championship Series.

Two exciting Latinos, Jose Fernandez (Marlins) and Yasiel Puig (Dodgers), finished in such fine style that they erased the early Rookie of the Year lead of Evan Gattis (Braves).

When the Phillies floundered, Ryne Sandberg replaced Charlie Manuel, whose age may preclude him from managing again. Davey Johnson (Nationals), Jim Leyland (Tigers), and Commissioner Bud Selig conceded to Father Time but Dusty Baker (Reds) refused, hoping to resurface in Detroit or Seattle.

The Yankees, bedeviled by injuries, missed the postseason for the second time in 19 years, while the crosstown Mets missed for the seventh straight season.

MATT HARVEY had a star-crossed season.

MATT HARVEY had a star-crossed season.

Matt Harvey, in his first full season, flirted with the Cy Young Award, started the All-Star Game, then succumbed to Tommy John elbow surgery. With the possible exception of Barack Obama, no American had such a star-crossed season.

Baseball will end this week, whether on Mischief Night or Halloween, but will continue all winter. Trades, free agents, and managerial roulette will keep the turnstiles spinning even while the flakes of winter fall.

Then football will finish, hockey will get the puck out of the headlines, and baseball will awaken from hibernation just days after Punxatawney Phil does likewise.

That day can’t come soon enough.

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  • Julio Pabón

    Glad it ended on Weds. cause if this was crazy yesterday, i can’t imagine what it would of been like tonight on Halloween. Thanks for your insightful baseball pieces that kept me informed though I was out for most of the baseball season trying to change the world.