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Dan Schlossberg’s Baseball Blog: Greed Conquers All


LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL — Brandon Phillips, watching the wave of lavish contracts foisted on free agents in recent weeks, wants his piece of the pie in advance.

Already rich beyond his wildest dreams, the All-Star second baseman wants more. He’s like the Las Vegas gambling addict who just hit a seven-figure jackpot but refuses to leave the machine that made him rich.

Cincinnati has spent the off-season trying to free itself of the recalcitrant infielder, offering him to the Yankees for Brett Gardner and to the Braves for Dan Uggla and a minor-league arm.

So far, no takers. And no surprise.

Although a cable television windfall, shared equally by the 30 teams, has made everybody richer this winter, the rush to spend the money immediately suggests too many teams have a win-now attitude and don’t care about their future.


The switch-hitting Carlos Beltran would help the Yankees more if he could pitch

The Yankees may be the prime example after spending fistfuls of dollars on Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, and Brian McCann but not a dime to bring new blood to an old, decaying pitching staff.

While the Yanks plugged their gaping hole behind the plate, they still worry about all four infield spots, their rotation, and especially a rudderless bullpen that already misses Mariano Rivera.

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson’s bat will be a welcome addition to the Mets’ lineup behind David Wright

Across town, the Mets may have landed a gem in Curtis Granderson, certain to hit cleanup behind David Wright, but their faith in Bartolo Colon is likely misplaced. Sure, he went 18-6 for Oakland in a pitcher’s park but his age, weight, and drug history strongly suggest he won’t come close to that again.

At least batterymate Travis d’Arnaud, starting his first full season in 2014, won’t have to worry about home-plate collisions: the owners banned them yesterday and need only union approval to implement the new policy.

Enforcement may be a sticky wicket, however.

In the meantime, the winter meetings have not produced a peep over the identity of the next commissioner. Bud Selig is retiring — finally — and figures to have great input into his successor.

Bud Selig, hugging World Series MVP David Ortiz, may help pick the next commissioner Image Credit: Bill Menzel

Bud Selig, hugging World Series MVP David Ortiz, may help pick the next commissioner
Image Credit: Bill Menzel

Speculation ranges from Rob Manfred, a potential heir apparent already on Selig’s staff, to George W. Bush, who seemed much better suited to baseball than politics.

With lots of free agents unsigned and super agent Scott Boras hanging around the Dolphin lobby, lots more action is on the docket between now and spring training. But with everyone in holiday mode, don’t expect many headlines til January.

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    Great recap of the trades and moves in baseball. Enough to melt the cold. Thanks Dan