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Dan Schlossberg’s Weekend Baseball Blog: Little Things I Remember


The untimely passing of Michael Weiner as executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association at makes industry colleagues pause to reflect.

At age 65, I’ve had thousands of personal experiences that never wound up in print. Thinking ba

Lost ping-pong game to Dan Schlossberg

Lost ping-pong game to Dan Schlossberg

ck on my 44-year career as a baseball writer, here are some of the more memorable ones:

  • Playing ping-pong with Brooks Robinson on the QE2 while a gale raged off nearby Cape Hatteras
  • Driving Hank Aaron back to DFW Airport after the Dallas Winter Meetings
  • Enjoyed talking to Hank Aaron as I drove him back to the DFW airport

    Enjoyed talking to Hank Aaron as I drove him back to the DFW airportDriving Hank Aaron back to the airport after the Baseball Winter Meetings in Dallas

  • Teaming with Stan Musial to try and fly a kite on the top deck of the Mississippi Queen paddlewheel steamboat
  • “Doing an inning” of play-by-play with legendary broadcaster Milo Hamilton during an Astros exhibition game
  • Listening to Hall of Famer Warren Spahn, the old Milwaukee master in a new uniform, before a Fantasy Camp game
  • Hearing Spahn and Juan Marichal recant why they both went the route in a 16-inning, 1-0 game on July 2, 1963
  • Making Bobby Bragan my first big-league interview — for my Passaic (NJ) high school paper at age 17 on 5/9/1965
  • Landing exclusive talk time with Cal Ripken, Jr. to discuss his favorite ballparks but never mentioning his record
  • Hearing Bowie Kuhn laugh when blind broadcaster Ed Lucas offered his services as a major-league umpire
  • Asking George Steinbrenner, on a private elevator ride, if he enjoyed being the butt of the jokes on Seinfeld

    George loved SEINFELD

    George loved SEINFELD

  • Wondering why Pepper Paire Davis was crying during the credits of  ‘A League Of Their Own’ [her friends had died]
  • Watching the Washington Senators play the New York Yankees in 1958 at Yankee Stadium, my first real game
  • Loving Eight Men Out, which I still think is the best baseball movie I’ve ever seen

As we all sit down at the Thanksgiving table next Thursday, these are some of the little things I’ll remember to be thankful for. I’m just glad they happened.

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Former AP sportswriter Dan Schlossberg of Fair Lawn, NJ has produced 35 baseball books, including autobiographies of Ron Blomberg, Al Clark, and Milo Hamilton. Also a broadcaster, he is the host and executive producer of Braves Banter and Travel Itch Radio and a contributor to Sirius XM.

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