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Dan’s Dugout: Can You Pass This Hall of Fame Trivia Quiz?


Now that the All-Star Game is history, baseball turns its attention to history of a different kind.

Six players will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. July 29, swelling the membership to 323. That’s less than 1 per cent of all players who have appeared in the major leagues.

The new guys include third baseman Chipper Jones, whose 97.2 per cent of the vote led this year’s group; rifle-armed rightfielder Vladimir Guerrero, like Jones a former MVP; Jim Thome, whose 612 home runs included a record 17 walk-offs; Trevor Hoffman, the National League’s career leader in saves (601); and former Tigers mainstays Jack Morris and Alan Trammell.

Some of them appear in this trivia quiz (check answers at the end):

1. True or False. Trevor Hoffman began his pro career as an infielder.

2. What Hall of Famer was the first player to hit five home runs in one day.

3. Who had 363 wins and 363 base-hits?

Warren Spahn won more games than any lefthander

4. Who was the only major-leaguer to win a battlefield commission in World War 2?

5. What Hall of Famer won his first game before graduating from high school?

6. True or false? Jim Thome hit more walkoff homers than any other player.

7. What number did Yogi Berra wear as a rookie?

8. Who are the only brothers in the Hall of Fame?

9. What two Hall of Famers hold the record for home runs by teammates?

10. What Hall of Famer played in the most World Series?

11. Name three Hall of Fame pitchers with losing records.

12. Name the only Hall of Fame pitcher who never started a game.

13. True or False. Jim Thome, Vlad Guerrero, and Trevor Hoffman never won a World Series ring.

Vladimir Guerrero was a notorious bad-ball hitter

14. Hall of Fame shortstop Ernie Banks finished his career at another position. What was it?

15. Name the first Dominican position player to reach Cooperstown.

16. True or false. Future Hall of Famers Joe Torre and Orlando Cepeda were once traded for each other.

17. How many times did Willie Mays lead the National League in runs batted in?

18. What Hall of Famer had a record 25 All-Star selections?

19. What Hall of Famer was once selected MVP of an All-Star Game his league lost?

20. What Hall of Famer was the last National Leaguer to win a Triple Crown?

Extra Credit 1. Who hit a record 18 home runs in the World Series?

Extra Credit 2. Name the Hall of Famer who shares the single-season record for most home runs in a season by a National League switch-hitter?

ANSWERS: (1) True (2) Stan Musial (3) Warren Spahn (4) Warren Spahn (5) Bob Feller (6) True (7) 35 (8) The Waners, Lloyd and Paul (9) Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews (10) Yogi Berra (11) Satchel Paige Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Sutter (12) Bruce Sutter (13) True (14) First base (15) Vlad Guerrero (16) True (17) None (18) Hank Aaron (19) Brooks Robinson (20) Joe Medwick (Extra Credit 1) Mickey Mantle (Extra Credit 2) Chipper Jones

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