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David Wright Last Game But Always a Met


Flushing, NY:  You will never say that David Wright is not a lifetime New York Met and from the sound of it Thursday afternoon at Citi Field that last game September 29th in the lineup won’t be the fianl  time he is seen.

Maybe it will be his last game, because retirement was never mentioned. But all indications are the Mets popular Captain will conclude his career that final weekend of the season at Citi Field.

After a brief talk with Omar Minaya, one of three interim GM’s for the Mets, there is uncertainty about Wright’s future with the Mets and regarding a role for him with the organization. But the predominant belief is that David Wright will play a prominent role in the Mets organization at some point.

Coaching, David Wright has made it known that is not for him, at least not now. Another role  with the only baseball organization that David Wright has been affiliated with, that remains to be seen.

The baseball knowledge is exceptional and his family is also priority. Perhaps some occasional broadcasting for the Mets seven-time all-star who holds every club hitting record with the exception of home runs.

Said Minaya briefly in the elevator area by the Citi Field Hodges gate area, “It’s been an honor being around David Wright.  I do hope he remains a part of the New York Mets.”

And for every Mets fan, who Wright acknowledged during a press conference regarding his future, they hope to see the Captain hang around a bit more.  They will see him in the starting lineup that Saturday night at Citi Field which is the next to last game of the season.

And maybe one more time as a pinch hitter during the season finale, which in all probability will occur.  But the site of seeing David Wright on the field again, after this two year battle to return, is that good story for the Mets and the game of baseball.

Manager Mickey Callaway will look at the lineup. Place your bets that Jose Reyes  will probably see his final games at Citi Field that week, and will be on the infield at shortstop for the David Wright finale.  Wright and Reyes, significant parts of Mets history and together on the field one more and final time as teammates.

“Both deserve that,” Callaway said after the Mets concluded a doubleheader sweep over the Miami Marlins Thursday night. “See about that when we get there.” he said regarding that final game in the lineup for Wright that will be played two weeks from Saturday.

The Saturday night game, also the final  post Fireworks NIght promotion of the season, reportedly became an official sell out late Thursday afternoon and no doubt the David Wright finale and hysteria contributed to that.

“I said it when I was a younger player and I’ll say it again, I truly bleed orange and blue  and throughout this process the love and support and the respect from inside and outside the organization has meant the world to me,” Wright said.

He was emotional and fought back the tears, though there was no word of retirement.

And this is what made David Wright so special, those words and putting everything in perspective. Perhaps more than nay other player that has worn the orange and blue, it was always David Wright and those emotions that exemplified being a role model on and off the field.

“He loves the game,” Reyes said. The Mets infielder, also with his future uncertain after this season, said Wright told him about the final game before it was made public.

Added Reyes about the two years that Wright put in to get back on the field: “He did everything he had to do. He’s like a brother I never had.”

Reyes added that in his discussion with his longtime teammate, the two came up in the Mets system together, that’s about what was best you can ask for.  “Life is more important,” Reyes said and more precious than the game.

That appreciation of what David Wright always spread to the Mets clubhouse,and behind closed doors ,there was always that respect about his ability to play the game well. Of course more respect gained in the two year comeback bid that went back and forth with rehab to the neck, back, and areas of the spine.

Michael Conforto was one of the many Mets who attended the emotional press conference and reminds so many of a younger David Wright.

“It was an honor to see him go about his business,” Conforto said. He attributed David Wright, hurting at the time, as a key part of getting the Mets to the 2015 World Series.

And Conforto will also get his opportunity to be on the field with David Wright one last time.

“Looking forward to playing with him again,: he said.  The last time David Wright  was on the field was in 2016. That was then and there was always the thought this day would come.

It’s not retirement yet. But to see David Wright overcome the last two years and get to this point, that alone says he will always be a New York Met.

Double-Dip At Citi Field: Michael Conforto continues to be the Mets hottest hitter and had a doubleheader that contributed to the Mets 4-3 and 5-2 wins.  The Mets are 24-15  in their last 39 games, 9-3 in their last 12, and at 68-78  having a nice stretch to a finish.

Conforto gave the Mets the lead with a two-run double in the seventh inning of the second game in the fifth inning also matching his career high in RBI with 68. His home run with two outs in the ninth inning in the first game tied the game, and has hit four home runs in his last six games.

“It’s been a good couple of weeks,” Conforto said. “Team has also been coming along with clutch hits and putting more runs on the board.”

Conforto has six home runs and 15 RBI in 12 games this month and 14 home runs and 38 RBI in 52 games since the All-Star break and now with 25 home runs this season.

The home run led to Todd Frazier hitting one to left center field on a 1-1 pitch, a walk off win and first back-to-back home runs to win a game for the Mets with two outs in the ninth inning. It was the 18th home run of the season for Frazier….

Jason Vargas continued his resurgence (6-9) and got the second game win with 6.0 innings on three hits and two runs. He has a 3.09 ERA over his last six starts.

“Being consistent with my two out pitches definitely helped out,” he said.

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