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Community News: 21 Days of Clemente


Bronx, NY – December is known for the Holidays and very few people have the time to think of anything else. So perhaps you can appreciate how difficult it must have been for Roberto Clemente to be giving up his family time to go around the island helping to raise money to assist the people of Nicaragua who had just suffered from a devastating earthquake.

Not only did Clemente give up much time with his family, but he also gave up his life in a tragic airplane crash on December 31st 1972. Roberto Clemente was lost to his family and to the baseball world forever.

However, every December for the last 14 years Latino Sports commemorates the Life of Clemente for 21 Days in this program to keep his values alive for the future generations of children that need to understand a baseball player that was also a great humanitarian.

One of the many pieces done by students for the 21 Days of Clemente. (Photo

One of the many pieces done by students for the 21 Days of Clemente. (Photo

SO GET YOUR KIDS READY: Just like we do every year. We invite students from all elementary, middle and high schools to participate in our 21 Days of Clemente. Just get anything that a student did on their own that has to do with Roberto Clemente.

A composition, a drawing, a poem, cut a picture of him and paste it on a piece a paper and write anything and we will display it at Roberto Clemente State Park from Dec. 10-31 (21 Days).

All students that participate will be eligible to receive a certificate of appreciation, tickets to a baseball game, and other prizes just for participating. This is not a contest, so everyone wins. Pieces must be handed in to us by December 5th, 2016.

Items can be sent, or dropped of to: Latino Sports 143 East 150th St. Bronx, NY 10451.

For additional information you can call: (646) 580-4846



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