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Betances Gets Mucho Love From La Comunidad


Bronx, NY – Community leaders, local public school teachers, internationally known musicians, students and community activists all came to pay tribute to New York Yankees star pitcher, Dellin Betances who was being honored for his third LatinoMVP award.

Betances as well as four Minnesota players, José Berríos, Eddie Rosario, Kennys Vargas and Hector Santiago were being honored as part of the LatinoMVP and Community awards given during Hispanic Heritage Month.

The four Minnesota players were being honored with the Community Recognition Award for their participation in the 2017 World Baseball Classic that brought so much pride and unity to Puerto Rico at a time that the island nation needed most. The awards are given with the intention of showing that if the island united for several weeks of baseball, perhaps they can also unite to help solve their current economic and political crisis.

Unfortunately, the Minnesota players did not show. Hector Santiago was not traveling with the team and Berríos was schedule to pitch and as is customary starting pitchers do not involve themselves in anything that the team feels could distract them.

Rosario, and Vargas opted not to travel outside of the team’s travel schedule that would take them to the stadium via team bus at a much later time than the event had been scheduled. Their awards, a caricature of themselves with the Team Puerto Rico uniform by popular known artist, John Pennisi was delivered to each player at the stadium.

Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the luncheon, as the main attraction was hometown star, Dellin Betances who was being showered with gifts and accolades from everyone present. Betances received a special cover and charger for his I Phone, a Guess watch, a John Pennisi caricature and his official LatinoMVP award, a water color painting by nationally recognized artist, James Fiorentino.

Dellin and his wife, Janisa loved both art pieces. Janisa commented on the caricature and they both loved the painting, a portrait depicting the intensity that Dellin has on the mound.

Betances also received much support for his preseason controversy with the Yankee’s over his contract arbitration. Many guests came by his table to tell him that they supported him.

The event took place at Marisco Centro restaurant where everyone was treated to a delicious Caribbean lunch.

Latino Sports has been giving the LatinoMVP Awards since 1989 when many in the Latino community believed that Ruben Sierra should have won the American League MVP award.

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