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In The Distance [Author Interview]



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In the DistanceNew York, NY – Growing up in the 80’s South Bronx, when the going got tough, I got going. With the crime and drug use that was occurred during that era, running was my safety and means of survival. From University Ave to Grand Ave, I ran. From Burnside Ave to Ryer Ave, I sprinted. Truth be told, I enjoyed it.

Over the years, I ran to compete. I ran to meditate. I ran to stay in shape. Sometimes, I ran to forget and ignore the struggles that life presents itself. Now that I’m older, I’m running to confront life’s obstacles head on. One day, I will die and if I’m lucky… I hope it happens while I’m running.

With that said, here’s my interview with Dave Griffin, author of In The Distance: Why We Struggle Through the Demands of Running and How it Leads Us to Peace.

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