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Edgar Martínez: Needs To Be In The HOF.


Cabo Rojo, PR: From the Southern most Western town in Puerto Rico, Cabo Rojo to the major metropolis on the East coast, San Juan; many Puerto Rican’s are waiting for the results this Wednesday of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) votes on who are the latest baseball players to enter the Hall of Fame? The one player that Rican’s here and in the Diaspora are waiting to hear is that of former Seattle star, Edgar Martínez.

There is cautious optimism here in an island nation that is slowly recuperating from the devastation left from hurricane Maria. Nothing here is taken for granted, especially when there are still many areas here without power, or water. I guess being treated as a second-class citizen also spills over into sports. “I just don’t trust anything coming from the U.S. anymore,” stated Hugo Vaset when I asked him if he thought Edgar would be inducted in this go round? He, continued, “Edgar has the numbers and the numbers don’t lie. He should have been inducted already, why are they taking so long?”

The answer to Hugo’s question is that Edgar would be the first player to enter as a Designated Hitter. That unfortunately has many conservative BBWAA members confused as some argue that a designated hitter does not play all the time so should not be considered. That is an antiquated philosophy that needs to get in step to today’s reality. Baseball has changed and will continue to change with a generation that is increasingly growing impatient with the slowness of the game. Designated hitters add excitement, and power to a game that requires it.

Edgar did just that when he played, ask any Yankee fan who witnessed Edgar The Yankee Killer. Martínez, was one of the few players in Major League Baseball who tormented New York Yankees pitchers. I remember writing about Edgar’s success Vs. the Yankees in the postseason when one New York paper wrote that Griffey killed the Yankees; I corrected that writer and proved that Edgar was the true Yankee Killer.

In fact, Edgar is one of the most prolific regular season hitters of all-time vs. New York. In 138 career regular season games vs. the Yankees, Edgar hit .317 with 44 doubles, 1 triple, 22 home runs, 103 RBI, 88 walks, a .423 on-base percentage and a .542 slugging mark. His numbers vs. the Yankees from 1991–2002 are even greater. Over those 12 seasons, Edgar hit .338 with 80 runs, 37 doubles, 1 triple, 17 home runs, 86 RBI, 72 walks, a .447 on-base percentage and .573 slugging percentage.

Those BBWAA writers need to prepare themselves because in another 5 years they will have to once again consider another Designated Hitter, Boston Red Sox slugger, David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Will they deny Big Papi? I don’t think they could, so let’s make it fair and easy, Edgar Martínez needs to be told on Wednesday: “YOUR IN THE HALL OF FAME!” Puerto Rico could use another does of positive motivation and Edgar’s enshrinement into the HOF will lift up the psyche of many here in Puerto Rico and God knows its needed

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