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EJ Viso: Preparation & Performance



Image Credit: Andretti Autosport

Image Credit: Andretti Autosport

On Sunday, April 7, Andretti Autosport race car driver E.J. Viso placed 12th in the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. A few days removed from his race, E.J. too a moment to talk about to talk to us about his preparation and overall performance.

As a result, IZOD IndyCar Series fans are in for a treat as they learn more about Venezuelan race car driver, Now in his sixth IndyCar season and first with Andretti Autosport during the 2013 IZOD IndyCar season, the 28-year-old driver pilost the No. 5 Team Venezuela PDVSA CITGO Chevrolet.

You can follow Viso on twitter at @EJVISO.



How do you prepare physically for a race?

Well the physical preparation – it’s always an important one. Human beings need physical activity. One side is the cardiovascular and the other is muscular. For the cardiovascular, I normally do long runs of long lengths. At a minimum, I usually run 12 kilometers. Normally I stay in the range of 12 – 20 kilometers. That’s what I normally do for training! At the same time, swimming is great…cycling. Anything where you can keep your heart rate up.

How do you prepare mentally for a race? 

I’ve been training with a sports psychologist for many years. He just passed away not long ago, but I carry over all the knowledge from the years we worked together. We have different techniques where I can put my mindset in different areas depending on where I need to be. Some of them are for relaxation, some are for concentration, some are just to bring yourself up.

One of the biggest things I remember from him always coaching me was on the level where you should keep your emotions. He said if we can manage our emotions from 1 – 10, the key is always staying around number seven. You will never want to be up to number ten even if you are extremely excited.

But at the same time, you never want to go one if you are in a bad moment – you always want to stay around seven. So doing those exercises are normally the things I try to do. They’re good because when we are around number seven, it’s when we make the best decisions.

When we are under seven, we think more with our head. But when we are above seven, we think more with our heart. Of course the perfect decision will be coming when you make a decision combining both. That’s where merging around seven, it’s going to happen.

Have you played a pivotal role in making the IZOD IndyCar series popular in Venezuela?

Well, I believe so. I’ve been pushing very hard to make this category and this sport bigger with the Latino fans and market…at times it has seemed impossible. Anyways I’m doing my best. Right now, working with Andretti Autosport has been very refreshing. Understanding their commitment to all the markets and they truly believe that the Latino market is a very important one for them. We’ve been working together trying to explore and to bring more awareness into the Latino communities.

Following Sunday’s Grand Prix of Alabama. how you would rate your overall team performance?

I think Alabama was a great weekend for Andretti Autosport. The team won another race – I’m very happy for Ryan. I think he did an outstanding job. And thinking deeper into the weekend, we did have a good weekend. You know, I think we were pretty strong in every single session. But, in qualifying, unfortunately this race, it’s extremely delicate, especially headed into qualifying.

If you are able to qualify well, most likely you end up in the front. And that’s what happened to everybody that qualified to the front of the grid. We had some good performance during the race, good pit stops and did everything we could to get to 12th position.

What adjustments do you plan to make for your next race?

I think the key word is qualifying. So far we’ve been weak in the two qualifying sessions in this championship. However, we’ve shown to be very fast and have good race craft during the race, so I believe that as soon as we improve qualifying, everything is going to come around.

Image Credit: Andretti Autosport

Image Credit: Andretti Autosport

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