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Emojibator: Eggplants & Emojis [Interview]



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New York, NY – Talking about Sex isn’t hard at all. Socially, Politically, Economically, Artistically, Spiritually, Technologically, Athletically and beyond… there’s so many avenues one can explore the topic of Sex. Last week, I attended the Third Annual Sex Expo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I had a wonderful experience. For my recap and photos of it, click.

Following the Sex Expo, I interviewed Kris Jandler, Co-founder of Emojibator. Prior to our interview, I knew little about emojis and even less about the symbolism behind eggplants. Following our interview, I still know little about emojis but I’m now familiar with the role of eggplants in the digital world we live today. Overall, I enjoyed learning about Kris’ company and the message behind it.

If you’re interested in learning about Kris’ company and the journey behind it, enjoy the interview. If not, the New York Jets won their second game of the season as they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20 in overtime. Road warriors they’re not, the J-E-T-S have an undefeated home record at MetLife Stadium. With that said, here’s Kris’ interview…

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