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Emojibator: Eggplants & Emojis [Interview]



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EmojibatorWhat’s the origin behind Emojibator?

The origin story comes down to Emojibator starting out as a joke, and “let’s see how the Internet responds.” My co-founder Joe and I are best friends from college. We both work full-time in music and digital marketing, respectively.

He was thinking of side-income business ideas and called me when he landed on “eggplant emoji vibrator” in a late night brainstorm. I could immediately envision this product on the market and said if no one else has done it yet, then we must!

Tell us a little bit about the founders of your company?

Joe and Kris both come from digital marketing and data analytics backgrounds. Joe is also a touring musician while Kris works in tech recruiting. We work on Emojibator virtually and at all hours.

Our strengths are making ideas and brands go viral online, and we love having the freedom to create a cheeky, humorous brand that also makes a social impact.

What was the process in creating your company and product?

The timeline from idea to product launch took about 6 months.

Once we found a manufacturer to design and produce the eggplant, we knew our story would make a huge splash online if our visual brand and company purpose were so compelling and funny that people had to share it with their friends.

Putting humor at the forefront of our sex toy brand was instrumental in elevating Emojibator to cult-level status in a matter of days after we launched on Cosmopolitan.com in August 2016.

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