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SHE Expo & TENGA: Making Conversation



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she-expoNew York, NY – Two Saturdays ago, hours before the Mets evening game, I attended the second annual Sexual Health Expo (SHE) at the Terminal Warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The SHE Expo was an educational event that puts a stylish touch on sex-ed, anchored by workshops hosted by “sexperts” and exhibition halls featuring pleasure products that some consider to be “toys” while others view them as “tools.”

SHE empowers the diverse attendee base to immerse themselves in all of the benefits of a healthy sex life. So what did I learn from my day at the SHE Expo?

Before I answer that question, here’s a rundown of today’s MLB Division Series…

  • Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Texas Rangers 5-3.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the Washington Nationals 4-3.
  • Cleveland Indians black the Boston Red Sox 6-0.
  • Chicago Cubs defeated the San Francisco Giants 1-0.

So what did I learn two weeks ago? Talking about sex isn’t hard at all. Whether I spoke with a sexperts like Dr. Chris Donaghue from CBS’ LoveLine Podcast and Brandon B. from The Pleasure Chest and anyone who was game, I found the conversations to be honest, open and at times humorous. Here’s some more information about the SHE Expo:

Your high school sex-ed class just got a major reboot: SHE, the groundbreaking Sexual Health Expo making waves around the U.S., is returning to the Northeast for it’s 2nd annual New York edition of everything intimacy, relationships and yes – sex.

Presenting an upscale x stylish take on sex-ed, SHE offers a body-positive weekend of tech-savvy product launches and demos, sexpert-led seminars and workshops and further frisky events embracing the needs of singles and couples alike, of all genders and sexual orientations. For more info, please visit

With that said, here’s a message about TENGA’s latest survey results…

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