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False Earthquake In Mexico, But Noise Heard Everywhere


Bronx, NY: Sunday was father’s day, but before I left for my fathers day activities, I and millions of Mexicans and Latinos received no better gift than a Mexico win against the reining Soccer World Champions, Germany.

Yesterday was day four of action at the World Cup; and the game between Mexico and Germany was one of the most anticipated games. Millions of soccer fans and just about every Mexican from Mexico and throughout the USA were watching the underdog, Mexico take on the powerhouse, Germany.

It was a huge upset that had thousands of people dancing in the streets from San Diego to the South Bronx. Mexico defeated the defending world champions Germany and Mexican and Latino fans were celebrating everywhere.

Every restaurant, and or bar in New York that I visited who had Mexican workers had the game on their TV screens, or you could clearly hear the game on radio from behind the kitchen doors. The upset was so loudly celebrated in Mexico that it falsely reported an earthquake from the incredible noise that erupted when the game ended.

Congratulations to all our Mexican, Latino and soccer followers who were rooting for the underdog, Mexico.

The USA did not make it to the World Cup, but I can attest, as a Puerto Rican New Yorker I celebrated Mexico’s win as my own. Let’s face it, Latinos are the largest minority in the country and our noise was heard throughout the country yesterday.

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