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Family Day 2017 At Citi Field



Flushing, NY – Thirty minutes before the New York Mets face the Colorado Rockies for their final game of the series, the grounds crew is preparing the diamond. The dirt is being watered, the mounds are being filled with sand while the lines are painted white.

In between it all, several players from both sides are stretching before the first pitch is thrown. As I’m observing a couple each holding their son’s hand to their seat, I see another couple in front of me who are happily married as the wife proudly displays her t-shirt professing her love for her spouse. To my right, I see a spectator wearing a Tom Seaver jersey utilizing his smartphone. These are the details I love about baseball.

In an era where many are searching for quotes and scandals, I believe baseball’s intimacy has eroded. Slowly but surely, baseball’s mythological view of players and teams have been replaced by the revenue and force fed entertainment and stories we’re digesting on a daily basis. As much as I understand the business, I prefer the humanity of our sport.

Let’s be clear about several things. Baseball’s humanity is here and every ballpark worldwide. It’ll never leave. The question is how many of us will recognize and embrace the feel-good moments we remembered as children? Prior to today’s game, observing the Mets players interact with their families on the team’s annual Family Day was beautiful.

With that said, the first pitch has been thrown and it’s back to business.


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