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Fan Friendly Aardsma


Spring Training is a time of hope. You hope your team is put together in a way that they’ll be playing in the postseason for a championship. There are no guarantees. When fans come to these games they also hope for an autograph from a player.


You can almost guarantee that will happen if you stick around at games end. As a matter of fact, you can bet you’ll get something signed from a Yankees player who wears number 34.  Most fans ask, “who is that player?’ He’s Dave Aardsma and he’s a right-handed pitcher who’s currently on the disabled list (Tommy John surgery). He’s made it a habit to sign for everyone that remains at games end.  He can be found by the on deck circle on the home side and fans have taken notice. The lines have numbered in the hundreds for his signature and everyone leaves the ballpark with a smile, even though they don’t have a clue who this number 34 is.  Aardsma is a seven-year veteran who the Yankees signed as a free agent. He has pitched for the Giants, Cubs, White Sox, Red Sox, and Mariners.  He has the distinction of being the first player alphabetically on the list of all time MLB players.  Aardsma took over the spot that once belonged to a fellow named Hank Aaron.  When asked why he does these signings day in and day out, Aardsma responded, “Cause I remember when I was on that line.”  Wow! How can you root against a player like that?

Even the hierarchy has noticed. Yankees co chairperson Hank Steinbrenner was amazed that his journeyman pitcher had the patience to sign for every patron that was left in the ballpark, after witnessing two days of the fan friendly Aardsma.

Hopefully, Aardsma will bounce back quickly and contribute to the Yankees quest for championship number twenty-eight, and when he does the Bronx faithful need to give him a gigantic shout-out.

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