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Ask Any Player, The Fans Are Very Important


Bronx, NY – This was the fourth game of the American League Championship Series and the second game at Yankee Stadium that every Astros and Yankee fan was enthusiastically watching.

An Astros win would have placed them in a prime situation with a 3 -1 advantage and one shy of wining the American League championship. A Yankee victory would tie the series 2 games apiece.

Therefore, no surprise that this game filled up every seat in Yankee stadium for the second consecutive night. Also not surprising, the great majority of the fans were Yankee fans and though there were a few Astros fans here and there, it was not like when the Boston Red Sox come to the Bronx that you get to see and hear many more Red Sox fans than you would expect in the Bronx.

Many of the Yankee players have stated how important the fans have been to their victories and if you were in any of the past two games you could feel the energy vibrating the entire stadium. Carlos Beltrán made reference to the role the fans have played in the Yankee victories.

He was asked as a former Yankee player who has played many important games in Yankee stadium could he remember anything as intense as what was heard in this game two? Carlos answered that he can remember several inter-league games Vs the NY Mets that were just as loud and intense.

The fact is that every Yankee fan will continue to get even louder for tonight’s game three. This is not good news for the Astros, as they would want to win one game in Yankee stadium and go back to Houston where the noise level will now be in their favor and hopefully affect the Yankee player’s juts like the Astros were affected in Yankee stadium.

One this is clear, this was one 3 hour and 37 minute game that every Yankee fan that attended will never forget an 8 – 4 come from behind victory.

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