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Father – Son Ben Gay Bowl: A 28 Year Tradition Continues


This year’s annual Father Son – Bengay Bowl was quite possibly one of the most eventful Bengay Bowls of all time. Of course, as always, we had our regularly scheduled game at Soundview Park in the Bronx, but more importantly a long awaited return of several players occurred this year. In particular, after a few years of not being able to make it to the game due to sickness and work, Junior finally returned. And physical as always he came out for the game ready to play. We also had great weather, snow, cold and all, but the field was much better than in previous years.

Teams divided into two teams of 6 with the two senior coaches and founders of this 28-year tradition, Julio and Hector the boys set up to play. After moving the field a few times we kicked off, or as we say, throw off, finally commenced. Hector’s team quickly came out fighting scoring 4 touchdowns to Julio’s 1. But Julio, resilient as always, would not have that. He pumped up his team to get back and bring the team back into the game. And that is exactly what they did. The team fought back with 2 touchdowns from Jay Cardona and 1 from Carlos. From then on it was back-to-back touchdowns from both teams.

The game reached 9 to 7 and emotions were running high. No one wanted to lose this game. So high that it caused 2 brothers to fight like never before. Chris and Dylan, sons of Junior, took sibling rivalry to the next level. Chris was playing on Hector’s team and Dylan was playing for Julio’s team. Getting down and dirty just like their father, Chris gave Dylan a hard time the whole game. And after a controversial turnover that Chris coerced out of Julio’s team, Dylan was furious, seeking revenge on the other team and more importantly his brother. So their drive started and once the ball was hiked it sparked. Chris ran right at Dylan and pushing and shoving started and ended with Chris and Dylan both on the floor. Next play Dylan was furious and took it out on his brother by shoving him backwards at the end of a play in the end zone. No emotions were held back after that. Chris quickly took Dylan grabbing at his head and pulling him down. After rolling around and grappling the fight was at a standstill and both brothers needed to be pried off of each other. It could be said it was a good half time show, except that it was not half time. After screaming and shouting across the field and words being shared with all parts of the family, the game started again and within 2 plays the game was over. Hector’s team took control and won the game 10-7.

Roberto Soto MVP showing off his awards. (Picture Latino Sports)

Roberto Soto MVP showing off his awards. (Picture Latino Sports)

Although we missed some key extras like Adrian and Julito (Julio Jr. making a name for himself in Los Angeles) the game was still fun and eventful. Also 2 key announcements were made. Dylan, journalism major at Westchester Community College, will be taking part in the writing aspect of Latino Sports writing articles pertaining to sports and other issues throughout the world of sports. Also Julio will be running for public office with Hector by his side to tackle issues that he feels have not been taken care of correctly or that have never been addressed. We would like to wish both of them good luck.

Now as always we must talk about the MVP. One person who, over the years, has been criticized heavily for his lack of athletic ability and not forceful attitude, Roberto, Hector’s son came out this year and caught 2 touchdown passes and also a few regular catches throughout the game. For that he was awarded MVP of this year Bengay Bowl and he was given the infamous tube of Bengay. Close second was Pete who caught a couple touchdown passes and quite few catches as well. Good job everyone and hope to see everyone next year.

Honorable mention must also go out to the two most senior and founders, Julio who caught two long passes for “almost touchdowns” and hector who caught several short, I mean very short passes, but good enough to be first downs helping his team eventually win.

We look forward to 2014 and invite all to come out to this great tradition that is now in its third generation.

This article was written by Dylan Garcia/Edited by Latino Sports

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