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Fight For Mexican Pride: Canelo vs. Chavez Jr.


New York, NY – Canelo Alvarez has proven to be the better fighter as a three-time champion from Mexico. His opponent tomorrow night, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. To many, he has been fighting in the shadow of his legendary Hall of Fame father.

Tomorrow night in Las Vegas this middleweight fight will be about Mexico and two fighters who are not comparable. Chavez has been middleweight champion but it has always been about his credibility of handling the weight. Alvarez is a natural middleweight and maybe a few pounds more and the only drama that remained was Chavez making weight.

Friday afternoon on the scales, Chavez made weight at 164 which was the contracted agreement. Oh, Alvarez also came in at 164 and the suspense was over, with the fight as the final drama and of course the outcome. Chavez stopped the weight suspense at the scales as a million dollar fine was on the line.

With that in mind, why is this an anticipated fight? Alvarez is that top three fighter to those who take that into consideration and Chavez Jr. is always that skeptical and talked about question of a fighter.  But to the fight fan, and those of in particular of Mexican descent this is more about pride.

And a majority of fans are divided on this one, a simple matter of not having confidence with Chavez Jr. who will never shine like his legendary dad who is perhaps the greatest fighter and champion to come out of Mexico.  Quite a contrast about Alvarez who has never ducked an opponent and with exception of a few injuries that were questionable he is indeed the better fighter.

The promoter, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions, he too, a legendary champion said this fight would not catch on this fast when it was signed. It happens on Cinco De Mayo weekend and the Las Vegas strip and T-Mobile Arena became the perfect venue and it did catch on.

“It is the animosity these two have for each other,” De La Hoya said about the fighters. And, true, over the past few years, Chavez Jr. and Alvarez have come close to blows with their war of words and of course that always leads up to a major billing which this fight has become.

From the outside there are those who despise Chavez Jr. and they heard Julio Sr. claim that his son is bipolar. They heard at times how father and son have clashed about strategy and philosophies. There is no denying the fact that Chavez Jr, has been troubled and been addicted to not living a clean and healthy life with substance abuse.

On the other side, Canelo Alvarez has become the hero and has showed that in the ring. He took a beating from Floyd Mayweather Jr. but showed the heart of a true Mexican warrior and stood in there with the undefeated face of boxing.

So this is a fight for Mexico and overall a good one for the sport of boxing. Alvarez is the better fighter and if Chavez does not hydrate to 175 or more, this could be a fair fight. But it is that ability to punch hard and to the body that makes Canelo Alvarez the better fighter and Chavez Jr. may not have faced a foe of this magnitude.

The pick: Canelo Alvarez with the TKO in the 8th round.

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