More exciting boxing on the way.

Jack Dempsey on 33rd and Sixth was the place to be for a boxing press conference like no other. ESPN2's Wednesday Night Fights will be featuring an exciting card between Yusef Mack and Daniel Judah.

Three media events will be held this month for the promotional of team of Tommy Gallagher, Sal Musumeci, and Winkie Wright. Gallagher speaks of how three entities came together.

"Winkie Wright who was a boxer, great businessman, and a great promoter met with Tommy Gallagher, whose been in the business for years, started out as a boxer, and made his way up the ranks to become the promoter he his today, and met with Sal Musumeci who owns Final Forum. We all got together and decided to get boxing back to the way it was in the good old days.The Aviator Sports and Recreation in Brooklyn will be host of all of our shows.

It's located at Bennett Field. The first card, June 4, will feature Yusef Mack against Daniel Judah and there will be more added to the undercard. There will be Anthony Accardi from France and Vachagan Avagyan from Russia. We are excited about this because parking is free, you don't have to drive around for hours looking for parking or pay highly for a parking garage around Madison Square Garden.

The seating is limited, 1500, so you have to get your tickets early. We are getting new talent every day, which allows us to have a match practically every month, instead of waiting for a fight every six months to a year just to get to see a match.

Yusef Mack made it clear he wasn't there to talk, "I do my talking in the ring, I'm not about insulting anyone. I'm not a girl. June 4 all I know is I'll be the winner." Daniel Judah which comes from a boxing family fired back, "I'll be victorious, let's do the talking in the ring. I'm fighting for Brooklyn. I'm fighting for the honor of my family." Things looked rather tense and I didn't stick around to see what was going to happen next.

For tickets call Aviator Sports and Recreation at 1-718-758-7500 seating is limited. Located on Flatbush Avenue, Just south of Belt Parkway, Exit 11S. Tickets available also at Gleason's Gym 1-718-797-2872 Doors open at 6:30 First bout 7:30 p.m.

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