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The Final Thought of ‘Lethal’ Laura Salazar



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New York, NY – This article will wrap up my interview with Latina MMA fighter, “Lethal” Laura Salazar. It’s amazing how much can change in a week. Last week, Laura was training for a fight. This week, she’s coming off a victory.

Prior to the interview, I knew of “Lethal” Laura Salazar. Following the interview, I now have an understanding of Laura Salazar. That’s the power of time. There’s people you know your whole life and know little about. And then, there’s individuals you meet for an hour and learn enough to understand.

Even though this interview concludes, I am convinced that Laura’s going to be fine.

Through her quiet confidence, metamorphosis and ability to overcome her personal obstacles, I believe Laura finally knows who she truly is both in and off the octagon. With that said, here’s the conclusion of my interview with “Lethal” Laura Salazar.

Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Lethal Laura.

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