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Finally! A United States team the World Respects!



Round one of the 2010 World Cup will forever be remembered as the round which the United States earned the respect of the World as a Soccer Nation. The image of Landon Donovan sliding after he scored the game winner in the 91st minute against Alegeria will forever be remembered by American soccer and non-soccer fans. 

Facing England, Slovenia, and Algeria, the United States demonstrated a certain toughness and heart that has never been demonstrated from past US teams. This team demonstrated to the World that they will play hard for 90 minutes and despite to robbed goals in matches against Slovenia and Algeria, the team would not fold. 

After coming back from a two-goal deficit against Slovenia, the United States was robbed a goal which could have possibly have been the game-winner. To be honest, Koman Coulibaly's blown call was the best thing that could have happened to the United States.

For the first time ever, the entire World complained about the injustice that was handed to the Americans. Remember, this is soccer and the United States National Team has never been given it's due outside of it's country.

Then against Algeria, American fans will remember the emotional roller-coaster they had to endure. Despite the United States best efforts, they had another goal robbed and weren't able to finish off successfully. Just when it appeared that the United States would finish with a tie, Tim Howard makes a safe.

From there, he passes the ball to Landon Donovan who's sprinting down madly. Donovan passes to Jozy Altidore who passes to Clint Dempsey. His shot is denied and there's Landon kicking in the game-winner of the rebound! With the goal, the United States won their group for the first time since 1930 and have won the respect of the World. 

Granted, Teams like Argentina, Holland, Brazil, etc, etc, had better records. But none of them demonstrated the passion and desire to win more than the United States! In an age where the United States needed to make a global statement that they're capable of being a Soccer Powerhouse, they have done more than that. From shattering TV and internet records, there's evidence that America finally wants to root for the United States!


Team LA/USA vs Europe: In 12 head to head matches between Latin America/United States vs Europe, Latin America/United States dominated Europe and finished with a 4-2-6 record. In addition, 7 out 8 teams from LA/USA has advanced to the Second Round whereas 6 out 13 did for Europe. With the elimination of Italy and France, it appears that the global game has shifted towards the favor of Latin America and the United States. 

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