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Free Oscar Lopez Event At Washington, D.C.



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New York, NY – Even though we are an online sports publication, we have always made a commitment to address several issues that matter within our community and beyond.

One movement that I’ve been following here in New York has been about imprisionment of political prisioner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Currently serving his 35th year of a 55-year sentence, many of his supporters believe that he’s more than served his sentence.

On Sunday, October 9, many gathered at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. demanding that President Barack Obama make the release of Oscar Lopez possible. While I wasn’t able to attend the event, I did receive a press release of Sunday’s event.

For those of you who wish to read the release, feel free to click to the next page. For more information about Oscar Lopez Rivera, go to

With that said, here’s the baseball scores from Monday Night’s MLB Division Series:

  • Cleveland Indians defeat the Boston Red Sox 4-3; Advance to ALCS.
  • Washington Nationals crush the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-3; Take 2-1 lead in NLDS.
  • Chicago Cubs lead San Francisco Giants 3-2 (7th inning); Cubs lead 2-0 in NLDS.
  • On Sunday, the Toronto Blue Jays swept the Texas Rangers; Advance to ALCS.
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