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Fusion TV: Real America with Jorge Ramos


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Truly living the American dream, Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa’s journey over the boarder took him from migrant farmer to saving lives, both in the operating room and in his research laboratory. Dr. Quinones, or Dr. Q, invites Jorge to watch as he performs brain surgery on a patient who will be awake the entire time. When you learn that Dr. Q started his life in Mexico living in poverty, his rise to success is even more incredible. It’s a story that’s even piqued the interest of some Hollywood producers.

“Real America with Jorge Ramos” is a FUSION original series. Jon Meyersohn has joined FUSION as the executive producer of “Real America with Jorge Ramos.” Meyersohn is a veteran television news producer who has reported award-winning stories from around the world.

As a former senior producer for ABC News, he has worked alongside some of the leading correspondents and anchors in broadcast journalism today. Most recently he was co-executive producer of “Road to 9/11,” a six-hour series for History on the roots of the September 11 attacks. Prior to that he served as co-executive producer for the second season of “Years of Living Dangerously,” an Emmy-award series that aired on National Geographic.

From going deep on cultural obsessions to telling impactful stories that matter, FUSION is a network that serves up a unique blend of enriching programming that reflects the shared passions and values of America’s diverse youth. Find out where to watch here

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