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One World Futbol: Football And Futbol By The Numbers



New York, NY – Hey Futbol and Football Fans! Are you ready for some football? Or, are you ready for some futbol?  With the Super Bowl and the World Cup happening this year, here ‘s some statistics that you may enjoy.

My friends from the One World Futbol Project provided me an infographic of Futbol and Football information to share with the rest of you. It doesn’t matter which sport you prefer. What matters is that you go outside and #JustPlay!

About One World Futbol

One World Futbol Project brings the healing power of play to youth worldwide by making, selling and distributing nearly indestructible balls that are proven to survive the harshest environments. We collaborate with sponsors, organizations, governments and consumers to deliver balls to disadvantaged communities where play and sport can be used to foster social change.

Soccer, known in most of the world as “football” or “futbol,” is the world’s most popular sport, with billions of fans and hundreds of millions of amateur players worldwide. And while it’s also one of the world’s oldest‐known sports, the traditional soccer ball still poses some challenges that can create barriers for players to enjoy and play the game to its fullest.

To learn more, go to and follow them @OneWorldFutbol.

Image Credit: One World Sports

Image Credit: One World Sports


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  • Julio

    Very interesting and fun facts. Thanks, now I can quote some of these.