George Arias1He is one boxer to keep an eye on. He is a well-built heavyweight from San Francisco de Macoris, in the Dominican Republic. At 21 years of age he has been fighting for a year and a half. He has just finished a heated sparring session in the Morris Park Boxing gym preparing for his match at the semi-finals of the New York Golden Gloves Tournament on April 4.

He has already won his first two fights in this tourney by knockout. As trainer/mentor Leon Washington Jr. explains. “These were his first two official fights. They were not pushovers.” He is easy going with a beaming smile and very polite. But when he enters the ring his quickness and rapid left hook has unsettled many an opponent.

“We call him “Gentleman George” because he smiles and shakes everyone’s hands when he enters the ring.” Mr. Washington laughs “But then he goes into the ring and destroys then leaves the ring smiling and shaking hands again.”

Humility comes easy to this young man who came to the United States at the age of five with his mother. He works daily helping deliver bread around the borough. He walked into the gym just out of curiosity. People around the gym saw the talent. George relies on outside opinion to gauge his progress. “I don’t know about boxing. I just did it to do it. They say I have potential so I suppose I do.”

George has an uncanny resemblance to Muhammad Ali yet fights like Mike Tyson in the ring. His power is evident as seen on his dark callused knuckles. He works hard and listens. This endeared him to Mr. Washington, whose father trained Davey Moore in the 80’s. “He’s humble. He gets confused for Ali. He’s like Ali and Tyson’s child. He has the jab, but he also has the upper body movement and speed and power reminiscent of a young Tyson.”

Gentleman George is getting close to accomplishing something special. If he is standing in the Barclays Center in late April with a pair of Golden Gloves in his hands, the sky may be the limit.

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