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Gio González Winner of 2017 LatinoMVP NL Pitcher


It took a while, but we finally got the opportunity personally hand Gio González the letter that would inform him that he was the recipient of the 2017 National League LatinoMVP pitcher of the year award.

The LatinoMVP awards are the oldest and most prestigious awards given to baseball players. The awards started in 1989 when many Latino sportswriters and sports personnel believed that Ruben Sierra was overlooked by the BBWAA for the 1989 American League Most Valuable Player.

The awards are given the following season as to not be confused with the BBWAA awards announced at the end of every season. Letters are sent to all the winners in the four categories in March while the players are in Spring Training. The categories are: LatinoMVP (all around player), Pitcher, Reliever/Closer and Rookie of the year.

When the opportunity arises we also visit the players during Spring Training to personally inform them of their award. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons we could not do the Spring Training trip this year, therefore we rely on letters sent to all the players. Unfortunately, many of the players do not have the time to review all their correspondence and some cases they never receive the letters. Thus, yesterday Gio received the letter for the first time.

Gio was surprised and genuinely honored to have heard of the award and that he was selected as the National League pitcher of the year for the 2017 season. Gio gave us an extensive interview that we will publish soon. For now we are glad to have finally informed Gio of his award and he was glad to have learned of the awards and that he was a winner.






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