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Glory 12: A Night of Kickboxing from the Theater at MSG



New York, NY – On Saturday night, the sellout crowd at the Theater at Madison Square Garden (MSG) were treated to a night of Kickboxing as they witnessed a night of drama, knockouts, upsets, comebacks and the crowning of a new Lightweight champion in Glory 12.

By defeating both Giorgio Petrosyan and Robin Van Roosmalen by knockout, Andy Riste won Lightweight World Championship Tournament. As a result of his impressive wins over the top-two ranked lightweight kickboxers in the World, Riste walked away with a 150K hard-fought check.

GLORY 12 RESULTS (For Full Card, go to

  • Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final: Robin Van Roosmalen def. Davit Kiria by Decision.
  • Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final: Andy Ristie def. Giorgio Petrosyan by Knockout.
  • Lightweight Tournament Reserve bout: Ky Hollenbeck def. Warren Stevelmans by Decision.
  • Heavyweight: Ben Edwards def. Jamal Ben Saddik by Knockout.
  • Middleweight: Wayne Barrett def. Joe Schilling by Decision.
  • Lightweight Tournament Final: Andy Ristie def. Robin Van Roosmalen by Knockout.

For an in-depth coverage of Glory, I recommend you read the excellent recaps from some of my favorite MMA online publications because they do a magnificent job in covering the MMA Community:

Andy Riste, newly crowned Glory Lightweight World Champion (Image Credit: Glory)

Andy Riste, newly crowned Glory Lightweight World Champion (Image Credit: Glory)

For those of you  who aren’t familiar with my writing style, here’s the lowdown. Whenever I cover any event, I don’t focus solely focus on the action. Instead, I enjoy observing the entire atmosphere. From the fighters, to the fans, to the staff, observing their body movements, facial expressions and verbal comments makes the experience more special.

From a production standpoint, Glory and Spike TV did a magnificent job in creating a memorable atmosphere. From the organizers to the Madison Square Garden staff, one couldn’t help but feel that something magical was going to happen on Saturday night. Despite the fast-paced demands of their job, many of their staff would stop to interact and thank the spectators

Seeing current/former fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, Rolles and Igor Gracie added more spice to the card because regardless of your opinions of them, you know you’re going to tell your friends and relatives that you saw them in person. They were so close to the fans that  Boxing great Evander Holyfield passed by a family of four prior to the opening fight.

Little nuggets like that was a pleasant to witness. I don’t know why, I just enjoyed the passing of this nonverbal encounter. Now, I’m aware some of you may scoff at the idea of a family attending a Kickboxing event but it’s no different than taking your children to a WWE live event, Boxing card, any other sporting event or to the movies. It’s safe to say that we’ve watched worse on television.

While I’m on this topic, the misconception of Mix Martial Arts being a form of “human cockfighting” is exactly what it is, a misconception. Having been trained in several forms of Martial Arts, the most important thing I’ve learned from them is the importanceof  discipline, technique, respect, trust, control and honor. It’s really a shame that now in 2013, MMA is still banned in the state of New York.

Recently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) released a report prepared by HR&A Advisors, Inc where they examined how the legalization of MMA in New York will generate $135 million in economic activity annually in the state. You can read the report titled, “Economic Impact of Mixed Martial Arts in New York,” by clicking here.

Which now brings us back to Glory Sports International. As long as MMA is banned here in New York, the company should take advantage of it by hosting a New York card every 3-4 months. The reality is that there fight fans who are disenchanted by Boxing and Professional Wrestling in general.

While the state of New York continues to twiddle their thumbs whether or not to legalize MMA, organizations such Glory and any other that promote Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other forms of Martial Arts should take advantage of this and lay their foundation in New York.

Realistically, nothing is going to overthrow the juggernaut the UFC  that it is today. However, as long as there’s a MMA void in New York, fans will congregate to watch other forms of combat. In the case of Glory Sports International, not only do they have an excellent production crew, they have a group of fighters who represented their organization and the Kickboxing as a whole.

They say first impressions is everything, then well done Glory Sports International. With that said, I’m looking forward to their next Glory Sports International card, Glory 13 where a Welterweight fighter will be crowned Champion.

Not only was your event a success, the fans were fantastic to mingle with, the fights were deliciously enjoyable to watch. And meeting Jacob “Stitch” Duran at the Tick Tock Diner capped off my Glory 12 night of drama, knockouts, upsets, comebacks and the crowning of a new Lightweight champion.

Photo Credit: Glory Sport International

Photo Credit: Glory Sport International

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