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Glory 13: Saturday Night Kickboxing


Glory Sports International

Glory Sports International

New York, NY – If you’re a fan of Professional Boxing, Mixed Marital Arts and any other form of combat, the GLORY World Series is a must watch event.

On Saturday night, Glory 13 was aired live from Japan on Spike TV and Kickboxing fans witnessed the crowning of a new Welterweight champions as Nieky Holzken defeated Joseph Valtellini. They also witnessed the passing of the torch as 43-years-old Peter “The Dutch Lumberjack” Aerts retired from the sport he’s been competing since 1993.

Despite losing to Rico Verhoeven via split decision, Aerts walked away a winner who compiled a an impressive record 103-31-1 (78 KO’s) throughout his 20-years career. As for the rest of the card, they were spectacular to watch and worth viewing once it’s posted on YouTube.

Here’s a quick rundown of Saturday night of Kickboxing…

Verhoeven vs Aerts-3

Verhoeven vs Aerts (Image Credit: Glory)

GLORY 13 TOKYO: Official Results

  • Rico Verhoeven defeats Peter Aerts via split decision (29-28) (29-28) (27-30)
  • Daniel Ghita defeats Errol Zimmerman via KO, Round 1 at 35 sec.
  • Makoto Uehara defeats Dustin Jacoby via split decision (29-28) (28-29) (30-27)

Glory Welterweight Tournament Final

  • Nieky Holzken defeats Joseph Valtellini via KO, Round 3 at 3:00 min.

Glory Welterweight Tournament Semi Final

  • Nieky Holzken defeats Karapet Karapetyan via unanimous decision (30-25) 30-25) (29-26)
  • Joseph Valtellini defeats Raymond Daniels via KO, Round 3 at 1:20 min.
Karapetyan vs Holzken (Image Credit: Glory)

Karapetyan vs Holzken (Image Credit: Glory)

For an in-depth coverage of Glory 13, I recommend you read the excellent recaps from some of my favorite MMA online publications because they do a magnificent job in covering the MMA Community:

Valtellini vs Daniels (Image Credit: Glory Sports International)

Valtellini vs Daniels (Image Credit: Glory Sports International)

About Glory Sports International

Image Credit: Glory

Image Credit: Glory

Glory Sports International, the parent company of GLORY World Series, is dedicated to placing world championship level kickboxing, or martial arts stand-up fighting, on a major platform before a global audience, and to producing matchups between the top fighters on the planet.

GLORY World Series is where martial arts athletes, highly skilled in a wide array of combat disciplines, including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Capoeira, converge under one set of rules to determine who reigns supreme in the ring.

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