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Golf Tips: 6 Things to Think About If You Want To Start Winning Competitions in A Few Years



GolfBoxWhen you keep practicing the wrong thing all the time you can’t make much progress. If people want to start winning competitions in a few years I’ve shown them 6 ways they can improve their game so they continue on the right path.

As you get older your game always improves because you’ve been doing it for so long. Professionals will obviously become great a lot quicker because they get to play all the time. They have probably been knocking balls about since they were little kids. It’s too late for you now because you’re already grown up, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get better so you can start winning some local competitions in the future. Nothing beats winning a trophy playing a game you love.

You need to be careful if you are to progress in the right way. You won’t win anything if you don’t know how to play the game properly because you’ll only be practicing the wrong way to do something for years. Once everything about your game is correct you’ll keep getting better the more your practice. We’re going to look at some things you might want to take on board. Don’t think because you’ve been playing for years already that you have nothing to learn because that is when you will fail.

Longer is better

When you drive the ball the most important thing is keeping it on the fairway. When it goes into the rough it will cause serious problems, but that is kind of obvious. When you can hit the ball straight the next most important thing is improving the distance you can hit it. You won’t improve a lot if you only tee off a few times at the weekend and it takes much more practice. If you have a driving range close to home it would be very beneficial if you went down a few times a week to practice hitting a hundred balls.

Sinking a putt

Once you can hit the ball as far as possible while keeping it straight it means you will be able to get it onto the green in fewer strokes. The only way you will improve your scorecard by a considerable amount is if you can then get the ball in the hole without messing up. That will mean spending a long time learning to putt the ball straight. Once you can hit the ball straight it’s all about playing around with different slopes and angles so you can get a feel for the way the ball will travel.

Staying flexible

When you are young you are very flexible, but as you get older your flexibility tends to decline. This can have a serious impact on the way you strike the ball, because if you can’t twist probably as you bring the club back it will be harder to hit it on the sweet spot. You should already know that golf isn’t about just rattling the ball as hard as possible. It’s all about the perfect swing and having amazing flexibility will greatly increase your chances of hitting the ball sweetly every time.

Watch yourself play

This is a little bit tricky because it will require someone else to record you while you play, but once you can watch yourself on the big screen you have a much better chance of correcting any problems you might have picked up over the years. It’s very hard to correct problems without watching yourself on video because it won’t even feel like you’re making any mistakes. You can record yourself playing every few weeks until you’re sure the mistakes are gone.

Spend some money

If you really want to improve your game in the shortest amount of time possible you might have to spend some money on a professional golf coach. Even though they are expensive it’s going to be well worth it in the end when you start winning every week. You already know that golf isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world and spending money is something you have to do if you want to be the best. Just book a few lessons in the beginning and you can see how much they help before booking anymore.

Play on your own

I understand that golf is better when you play with other people, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out on the course by yourself. The reason this helps is simply because it allows you to take chances without any repercussions. When you play with other people and find yourself in a difficult situation it’s easy to stick to what you know. Why would you take any chances when you might mess up and lose the game? Take chances while you’re playing by yourself and your game will improve like never before.

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