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One Great Latino Boxer Passes On – Teófilo Stevenson RIP


One of the greatest boxers I was fortunate to see was Teófilo Stevenson of Cuba. You might not know too much about him cause he was an amateur who represented a country that though it’s only 90 miles from us, it might as well be 9 million miles away. In honor of his great boxing record I present the following link so that you can become somewhat aware of who was Teófilo Stevenson?

I will be writing my own piece on Teófilo, look for it on this site.

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  • Elvin Robles

    Growing up in PR during the 60s and 70s, and the “UFC” did not exist – Boxing was it!
    Of course the top boxer and most famous sports figure of that era was Cassius Marcellus Clay aka Muhammad Ali but from time to time we would wonder about a match up between Ali and the greatest cuban boxer ever Sr.Teófilo Stevenson. . And so, everybody in boxing then thought it was a great idea to match up the two sensational heavyweights and promoters like Don King tried to lure Stevenson to turn professional and fight Ali in America.Offered $5-M to fight Ali after winning his second Olympic gold, Stevenson declined the offer saying: “What is $5 million compared to the love of 8 million Cubans?” Now that’s character!

    Rest in Peace Teófilo Stevenson!

    ~ Elvin Robles