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From the Gridiron To The Cage, The Outlook of Dominick Reyes



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You ever cut any wrestling promos as the Devastator?

Not yet, I’m not there yet. For the time being, I would rather let my fighting do the talking.

With the demands of your training schedule, has it affected any of your friendships?

No, my friends understand my goals and are really cool about it. Being away from college helped a great deal because I was focused on school and football that I rarely had time to catch up with them here in California.

Moving forward, what’s the game plan?

My goal is to make it to the UFC. The only way I know how to do this is go at it 100%. For me, there’s no other way. Being a professional athlete is something I always dreamed about. Whether it’s was pursuing the NFL or training for a spot in the UFC, I will continue to train hard. I’m not worried about how long it’ll take because as long as I’m going at it 100%, I want to believe that it’s going to happen.

Before we wrap things up, what was your experience as two-time University of MMA Champion like?

It’s been an amazing and ideal experience for me. It’s something I’m proud off and I thank the U of MMA for giving me the opportunity to be their champion.

Final thoughts for the readers?

Come watch me fight and don’t blink.

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This concludes my interview with Dominick Reyes.

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