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Groove Ring For The Individual On-The-Go



GROOVE GROUP 2New York, NY – A ring carries an abundance of significance. It can represent commitment, love, creativity, success, wealth, independence, status, and alliance to name a few. On so many levels, a ring is capable of telling anyone you meet some of your life story and journey.

Where you purchased it? Who gave it to you? How old were you when you wore it? Even the wear and tear of it tells a unique story that only the individual wearing the ring can best illustrate. If you take it off, your skin tone will reveal whether or not you’ve been out in the sun or not. In my case, a ring represents investment and growth.

I’m at the stage of my life where I’ve pretty much slammed that wide window of opportunity so I can solely dedicate my time to writing. As fortunate as I’ve been to have had the run that I’ve had as a writer, I believe that my best is yet to come.

Once I made up my mind that I wanted to be grow as a writer and individual, I needed to have a system in so I can consistently put in the work. In doing so, I changed the way I live, eat, dress, and think. While it hasn’t been easy, the work behind it was worth my time and investment. As important as it was to have a system, I needed a symbol.

A symbol that came in the form of a ring. Once that was figured, I needed a ring that would cater to my on-the-go lifestyle here in New York City. So whether I was at meeting, lifting weights, jogging, hanging out in my city, or playing basketball, I needed a ring that was comfortable and can take the hits.

For the sake of vanity, I wanted a ring that would right off the bat tell anyone who knows me that I’m not the same individual I was a few years ago. With that said, I love wearing my Groove Ring. Not only is it affordable, it’s durable and when I’m playing sports, I don’t it like I would with other rings. Due to it’s technology and airports, my ring finger looks fine.

I can also appreciate the fact that NFL Quarterback Philip RiversBMX legend Mike King and I are ring brothers. Here’s what both athletes had to say about the Groove Ring:

Philip Rivers: “What’s so great about Groove? It’s not just a wedding band, it’s a commitment. No one is more committed than Philip Rivers. Driven both on and off the field, Rivers is constantly pushing past his limits as a quarterback and a husband. Begging to be worn and tested – no matter the circumstances – Groove Rings make the perfect teammate for Rivers’ demanding lifestyle.

Mike King: “I’ve always struggled with wearing my ring while on bike rides or at home playing with my kids,” said King. “Now, worrying about losing my ring is a thing of the past! I’m proud to be working with a company like Groove Life to bring a better, safer ring to those living an active lifestyle.”

So whether you’re working out, at a meeting, married, or going out to for night in the city, the Groove Ring will cater to you and your lifestyle.


About Groove Life

Groove Life launched in 2016 with the release of their flagship product the Groove Ring. Founder Peter Goodwin wanted to wear a ring that showed his commitment to his family while meeting the demands of his work as an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner.

His creation not only offers durability and functionality but rugged good looks as well. Born from need, Groove raises the bar on traditional silicone rings. Make a statement with your activewear, visit to purchase the different Groove Life Ring designs.


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