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Hanging Out With NY Giants Shane Vareen, Landon Collins, & All Around The City [Photos]



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New York, NY – Happy Holidays!  

With 2017 coming to a close, I’ve enjoyed my time away from sports. In between the Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and everyday life, I’ve either been standing in long lines, making deadlines or enjoying some fine cuisine with Holiday music playing in the background.

One of my favorite Holiday partiest took place at the Verizon Holiday House in Lower Manhattan. It was there where I met New York Giants players Shane Vareen and Landon Collins. To be honest, we didn’t about the season the Giants were having.

If I had any desire to pick their minds about their team, I would cover a game at MetLife Stadium and interview them after a game. The way I saw it was that it was a Holiday Party and the last thing I would personally want to talk about would be of my job.

From my end, I thanked the staff from Verizon for giving their Google Pixel. Before I continue… When it comes to Verizon, I’ve been a loyal customer with them since 2000. Regardless of the plans and benefits other phone carriers offer, Verizon has never given me a reason to consider leaving. Any issues I’ve had, it’s always been taken care off.

Now back to our scheduled article… As I showed to the staff and the players the photos I took over the past year, I pointed out to them how using the Pixel for my coverage enabled me to be creative. Basically, most of my articles as well as others feature photos taken by my Pixel. In addition to my sports coverage, using the Pixel made my personal life fun as I explored the city and took photos of anything and everything that caught my eye.

With that said, here’s some recent photos…

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