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Hard To Believe That Edgar Martinez Did Not Make The HOF This Go Round!


Cabo Rojo, PR: Many are still scratching their heads in disbelief that Edgar Martinez fell short of the much-anticipated 75% required to enter the Hall of Fame. Edgar received 70.4% of the Baseball Writers of America’s (BBWAA) votes yesterday. He needed 317 votes and received 297 (he was 20 votes shy). I’m looking forward to reviewing the list of voters and seeing what writers would not give Edgar a vote?

Chipper Jones led the vote with 97.2%, followed by Vladimir Guerrero with 92.9%. Jim Thome finished third with 89.8%, while reliever Trevor Hoffman closed the poll with 79.9%. These are the four new immortals to join Jack Morris and Alan Trammell, who were chosen by the Modern Baseball Era Committee several weeks ago to make the Class of 2018.

Martinez was disappointed, but remained upbeat as he tweeted: “Thanks to all the fans for supporting my candidacy to the Hall of Fame. We are going up, next year it can be. Thanks to the Mariners and the best baseball fans.

Edgar was close compared to last year when he obtained 58.6%, which represented an improvement of 11.8%.

But unfortunately, he did not receive the support of the conservative members of the writers’ guild that insists on not recognizing the value of designated hitter. These folks need to wake up and realize that baseball is changing and it’s changing beyond the designated hitter. Are these conservative members speaking up on all the other changes taking place in baseball? Changes in the video replay on umpires calls, on batters no longer able to break up double plays because they can’t touch the player covering second, or catchers giving the right away to runners running to home?

Those changes though one might argue are taking a bit away from the baseball that used to be, are the rules of today and players, coaches and fans will have to accept them. So why don’t these conservative folks accept that a designated hitter is as much part of the game as any of the other players on the field? Designated hitters add much needed excitement to a game that needs to keep the fans in the game.

There were many in the Puerto Rican and baseball community that were disappointed in the results. Carlos Baerga was one who did not hold back his emotions. “I believe that was unfair, Edgar deserves to be in the HOF. His numbers don’t lie. He has better numbers than others who are in the HOF.”

Martinez, who played 18 seasons in the Majors – all with the Mariners – finished his career with a .312 average with 514 doubles, 309 homers, 1,219 runs, 1,261 RBIs and 1,283 walks in 2,055 games.

Edgar’s numbers are impressive on all accounts. He had two batting titles. The first one was in the 1992 season when he averaged .343, while the second was in 1995 when he finished with a .356 percentage. That year he hit 29 home runs and drove 113. He led the league in runs scored with 121 and in doubles with 52. He finished third in the fight for the Most Valuable, behind Mo Vaughn and Albert Bell.

However, his best season was in 2000. In that season, Martinez averaged .324, but hit 37 homers with 145 RBIs (leader in the American League). He finished sixth for the MVP. However, he won the prestigious LatinoMVP.

Martinez also won five Silver Bats in his career and participated in seven All-Star Games.

Edgar Martínez has now one last opportunity to enter the HOF. Next year will be his 10th and final opportunity. It’s ironic that he will be a candidate with, the legendary NY Yankee closer, Mariano Rivera who do doubt will get in on his first year of eligibility and I predict that Martinez will get in his last year of eligibility. Poetic Justice for both as Martínez was the only player to dominate Mariano’s cutter.

I can just hear Mariano speaking on the HOF podium July 2019 and saying to Edgar: “I was so glad you retired, you were the toughest batter I faced, I thanked God when you retired.”

NOTE to the conservative members of the BBWAA.

I advise you to do the right thing next year and vote Edgar Martinez in because this will make it easier for you to vote in David “Big Papi” Ortíz when its his turn. Because there is no way they will get away with not voting in the Boston Red Sox Super Slugger.

NOTE to those that want to attend this year’s ceremony.

Tis year’s induction ceremony will take place in Cooperstown on July 29, 2018. As customary Latino Sports organizes a bus trip to Cooperstown every time a Latino gets inducted. Vladimir Guerrero (another LatinoMVP winner) will have many South Bronx fans there rooting for him. If you interested in attending, call Latino Sports early as we will have limited seats.


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